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  1. MalcolmReynolds

    AS3 Skid Plate - on ebay any good?

    I saw this AS3 skid plate on ebay. I searched here, but didn't see anything coming up. Do anyone have any experience with this skid plate? HONDA NC 700 X 12-13 NC 750 X 14-15 AS3 ALUMINIUM SKID PLATE SUMP BASH GUARD 602217562205 | eBay
  2. MalcolmReynolds

    Tank/fronk protectors?

    I did a search looking for those tank protectors here on the forum and I wasn't getting any hits in my search. What do you guys recommend to protect the bike in those contact points on top of the frunk and where your legs tuck into the side of the bike? Thanks!
  3. MalcolmReynolds

    Ride and Review video from Youtube

  4. MalcolmReynolds

    Why are motorcycles losing the fuel economy race?

    As the CAFE and EPA standards get tougher on cars and trucks we are seeing fuel economy being forced higher for most vehicles on the road. However motorcycles appear to be stagnant and even falling behind some of the cars on the road for fuel economy. Some of it makes sense that the bike is a...
  5. MalcolmReynolds

    LED brake light?

    What do you guys recommend for the brake light replacement. I saw some posts saying it is hard to replace this bulb? What's the secret? Is this an 1157 bulb?
  6. MalcolmReynolds

    OEM Power harness - relay - and accessory drop

    Well I ordered the Honda wiring harness, relay, and 12v accessory kit. I figure it is time to get some power on the bike for basic stuff I need. It is really annoying to take off on the bike and look at your phone to see that you have been out of cell range and the phone is eating up the...
  7. MalcolmReynolds

    Affordable Motorcycle GPS options - Looking for input

    Well I have been meaning since last year to put a GPS on the bike. I took one look at the price of the Garmin and Tom Tom motorcycle specific GPS and that halted those plans in my tracks. I personally perfer a dedicated GPS. My Garmin in my car does a decent job and is frankly just easier...
  8. MalcolmReynolds

    Buying a previously owned windshield - ebay

    Well I saw what looked like a decent price on a Vstream on eBay. I have been trying to address a handguards contact with the Madstad windshield and thought for the price of $120 for a used screen it would be worth giving it a shot. There was no description of any damages or anything on the...
  9. MalcolmReynolds

    Mutazu or Kijima Engine Guard - Highway pegs

    Well I finally got tired of analyzing and reanalyzing crash bars/engine guards and just pulled the trigger on a set of these engine guards. I however want to get a set of highway pegs to mount on these bars when they arrive. So I am looking for suggestions on pegs that can be mounted on these...
  10. MalcolmReynolds

    Russell Day Long - Ordering Experince so far

    For those considering getting a Russell Day Long seat for your bike I can tell you from past experience that the seat is very nice and is a good investment if comfort in the saddle is an issue for you. Just wanted to share my experience real fast with Russell Motorcycle products for my NC...
  11. MalcolmReynolds

    Make sure to check your nuts...

    Went for a short jaunt last Sunday afternoon down to Bishop's Castle for any of you who are familiar with Colorado. First time me venturing away from close proximity of home on the NC. Was a good first trip on the bike(probably about 160-170 miles round trip). Took my time, but it was COLD up...
  12. MalcolmReynolds

    Honda 12v Sub harness - plugs and wires for additional accessories?

    So I am reaching the point where a lot of my mods fall into the category of the electrical and I really don't know electrical at all. So I was looking at what the mothership has already provided as an option on the bike and I see we can buy a subharness that is used to connect the heated grips...
  13. MalcolmReynolds

    NC trip from CA to PA on Youtube

    Just saw the first installment of this trip so far it is good. Enjoying the commentary and road experiences. Not sure if Mike is a member here, but I like the first day of the trip anyway.
  14. MalcolmReynolds

    eBay Universal Hand Guards - don't fit well with Madstad

    So I had been looking at some Barkbusters for the bike when I ran across a post in one of the threads here about the eBay Universal Hand Guards and that they fit fine and worked with the Madstad. The price was $15 shipped from China. They looked decent in the pics and you can choose between...
  15. MalcolmReynolds

    Non-linear fuel gauge... When does your first bar go away?

    I know the fuel gauge has been beaten to death in the forum. I did some searching and I see most of the focus is on the move from 2 bars to flashing to tell you to get gas. Also that the fuel gauge drops rapidly. So yesterday I fueled up and ran some errands and waited and watched to see...
  16. MalcolmReynolds

    Clutch Engagement - Friction Zone adjusting where your clutch engages

    Just wanted to share this tip I found on Youtube that simplified the task of adjusting my clutch to change where the clutch engages. If you have taken the MSF course this is called the "Friction Zone". Mine was engaging a little further out than I liked so I just ran out and adjusted it. Of...
  17. MalcolmReynolds

    Reminder about adding mods - take note of the tools needed

    So I finally ran down the tools the Honda would have put in the complete tool kit. The markets outside of the US get a semblance of a tookit, and the US market gets nothing. So after looking at that toolkit I assembled the equivalent tools to carry in my frunk. This is supposed to handle...
  18. MalcolmReynolds

    Delkevic 17" SS Tri-Oval Exhaust - Installed

    So I ordered the Delkevic Exhaust 17" Tri-Oval Stainless Steel for the NC. Most of my mods/farkles are practical, except this one. This one addressed something that annoys me about the stock NC and that is the stock exhaust. So this was purely cosmetic. I was hoping to get a just a little...
  19. MalcolmReynolds

    Towing a trailer with your NC? How about a canoe?

    I ran across this picture of a guy towing a canoe with his Goldwing. At first I laughed, but then I started running the numbers. A canoe with a trailer and your fishing/camping gear really wouldn't weight that much. Then I started to smell smoke... I realized it was just me thinking about how...
  20. MalcolmReynolds

    TIPS to get the best fuel economy MPG from the NC?

    One of the things that attracted me to the NC is the legendary fuel economy these bikes are capable of getting. However like learning to hypermile other vehicles I am sure there are techniques that will help net the best fuel economy. So what are your fuel economy tips to help get the best...