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    Dale’s Rack for sale plus Honda seat and windshield.

    I have one of Dale’s racks for sale as I traded my NC700x in for a VFR1200x. It’s the one with the fuel cutout. See pictures. I am asking $200 plus shipping cost. I have a lot interest in it. So, I’m not budging on the price yet. I also have the NC700X standard seat for sale that is...
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    Upgraded to the VFR 1200x. After 3 and a half years of fun on my NC, i traded it in

    Well, my Nc is gone and my new old stock 2017. VFR 1200X DCT is is here. I have been doing a lot of longer trips lately and the NC was longing for more horsepower to cruise at 75-80 mph with ease. I put 10k on the NC and she was very reliable and will be missed. The VFR is a whole level above...
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    Moto Guzzi V7 vs the NC700

    A dealership near my house just added Moto Guzzi to their lineup this week. So, they had a demo day. First new Moto Guzzi I have ever seen in my life. I rode the smallest bike they make the V7 Stone. It's a 750 cc motor. I was impressed. That transverse twin is ugly like an English bulldog...
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    Multistrada Fever

    I have to admit that I have been lusting after a Ducati Multistrada S Touring with saddlebags and new 2015 one near my house is all the way down to 12k, which is a steal. Of course I have been over to the Multistrada forums. Those owners put up with ridiculous problems. Folks riding the 2015...
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    Still can't get the spongey feeling out of my back brake

    I can't figure out what's going on. I am going to take apart the whole back braking system including the master cylinder and inspect everything. I have already proved out the caliper and pads. They work great. I used a vacuum bleeder last weekend and it worked great and i got the fluid...
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    Need some advice on rear brake sponge like feel

    OK. Totally editing this thread. After watching some videos I see that I screwed up the bleed process. I'm actually relieved to find this out because I imagine everything will be fine once I redo it. Going to use a vacuum bleeder as well so I can just pull all the air out. I think the...
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    The First time is always the scariest!

    I pulled up to a stoplight this morning and didn't realize that my tires were sitting on the lane line. The road surface and the paint is probably about 1 year old and a lot of trucks roll over this line and drop dust and dirt due to an enormous amount of construction in this area. I bolted...
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    Wheel decals

    Anyone have a suggestion or recommendation on pin strip style wheel decals? Also, are they durable enough to last a few years?
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    Handlebar Weights

    Hi All, just put on Motech Handguards and the process called for the removal of the handlebar weights. Wow they were hell to remove. Hurt my thumb pulling them out. I removed the clips as recommended but I think and internal fastener that I saw deep in the bars is why they were so hard to...
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    New NC Owner

    Just picked up my new 2015 NC DCT/ABS last week. Reading all the posts from this forum before I purchased it was very helpful. I was coming from a BMW K1200 GT. Some may think that doesn't make sense but I love this bike. It put a huge smile on my face as soon as I rode away from the...