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    Dale’s Rack for sale plus Honda seat and windshield.

    I have one of Dale’s racks for sale as I traded my NC700x in for a VFR1200x. It’s the one with the fuel cutout. See pictures. I am asking $200 plus shipping cost. I have a lot interest in it. So, I’m not budging on the price yet. I also have the NC700X standard seat for sale that is...
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    nc700 rear rack

    I just traded in my NC700x for a VFR1200x and kept Dale's Rack. It's the version with the fuel hole. Send me a PM if you are interested in buying it. It's in great shape and I'll sell it for half of what Dale's asking for a new one.
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    Upgraded to the VFR 1200x. After 3 and a half years of fun on my NC, i traded it in

    I'll take some pictures and post. Still doing some customization. So, it's not done yet. Pegs, radiator guard, centerstand and seat. I'll take the pictures once the centerstand is on and working. The adjustable windshield that comes with the bike is awesome.
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    Upgraded to the VFR 1200x. After 3 and a half years of fun on my NC, i traded it in

    Yes, collectors item is probably and overstatement. I would love to have one of those CX Turbos. I love that 80's look and the turbo boost is very unique.
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    Upgraded to the VFR 1200x. After 3 and a half years of fun on my NC, i traded it in

    It's definitely a beast and takes a bit more effort in the turns than the NC. However, once it's in the turn it seems to track a little better. I have only gunned the throttle hard once and it threw me back hard and extended my arms fully. I have been so used to the NC700X power that it...
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    Upgraded to the VFR 1200x. After 3 and a half years of fun on my NC, i traded it in

    Well, my Nc is gone and my new old stock 2017. VFR 1200X DCT is is here. I have been doing a lot of longer trips lately and the NC was longing for more horsepower to cruise at 75-80 mph with ease. I put 10k on the NC and she was very reliable and will be missed. The VFR is a whole level above...
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    My story with NC 750 XD

    What’s with the picture of Stalin. That dude was worse than Hitler. Killed over 25 million of his own people.
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    Multistrada Fever

    My Multistrada fever was reignited this weekend. I test drove the new Multistrada 1260 in Brea, California and was blown away by the comfort, power, braking, suspension and the quickshifter. It was easily double the fun of my NC. I don’t have $26k lying around to buy it though but maybe I’ll...
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    Engine Fluttering Sound

    Wow, this drama is better than most books I’ve read. Sergeant I am feeling really bad for you with all of the effort you have put in. I am glad you didn’t take it to the dealer yet though. I am hoping you figure this out but am also anxious for this to happen sooner than later. Good luck. I...
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    DCT Clutch Calibration

    Hoping someone sees this post to an old thread. Tried this procedure for my 2015 NC700 DCT and can’t get any feedback from bike despite getting the engine to full operating temp by running engine for 15 minutes, including riding around the block a few times. I know the display of the 2015 is...
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    Honda Powersports 2019 Model News Releases

    Hey, I am an Accountant and have never owned a Harley. I had 1 BMW and the rest have been Hondas and Kawasaki’s. I do agree with your pint though.
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    Valve Adjustment Step-By-Step

    I think the inspection interval for the 2015 model and later is 16k miles. I was planning on looking at mine at 10k. I doubt they will be very much out of spec. I don’t hear the valves at all at 7k.
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    Wheel Balancer....

    I use balancing beads in the tire itself. Have never experienced an out of balance condition with these and the tire will never go out of balance because the beads compensate for that or may e I am just high and never feel anything.
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    New member

    Welcome Fred. I came from a BMW as well...a K1200GT. I sometimes miss the power while I am on my NC, but not the maintenance.
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    Time/speed on highways

    I really wish we had the VFR800x over here in the US. It looks a complete package without a big pricetag ($11k approximately). It also has standard ABS, traction control, an adjustable windscreen and adjustable suspension that is superior to the NC. Surprisingly, it isn’t offered with the DCT...
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    Review: Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

    Thanks for posting. Definitely don’t want these overpriced disappointing gloves. I’ve had good experiences with Rev-it gloves and will stick with them.
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    Bike won't start- all apears normal.

    The battery booster will easily jump start your motorcycle. They can be pricey but you obviously you can’t bump start the DCT. I recently had my battery die when I was riding locally to test performance and the bike wouldn’t start after i turned it off in the high school parking lot. I didn’t...
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    Top speed frustration

    Coming from a BMW K series that I ran up to 135 mph with ease, I have been disappointed with the bike’s acceleration and high speed performance but got used to it. Riding slower makes more sense after 30 years of riding and my age (52). Also, despite what some people say, using speed and power...
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    Bike won't start- all apears normal.

    My battery died after 3 years exactly like that and i had it on a trickle charger the whole time. Batteries are pretty cheap abd are very easy to replace. Make sure the connectors are clean before you attach them to the new battery. You can use CRC battery spray or silicone dielectric grease...
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    found these two matching DCT's for sale...

    Those have the new pipe and dasboard as well. Wow, that’s an insanely good price.