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  1. JoeZ

    Windscreen height

    I’m 6’4 and I had no choice but to increase the height - picture included. Works for my height.
  2. JoeZ

    New Safety Article w/ My trusty NC700X

    Hey NC gang- I got another article up with my NC by my side. The last article about my cross country trip last year got some great feedback: Two on the Road: Solo Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip with Honda NC700X This time around I tackled the safety issue and my experiences. I’m sure...
  3. JoeZ

    Radiator Side Panels?

    Just found them on Amazon. Insane? $260.00 for plastic stick-ons? I'm wondering what happens when you have to work on your Radaitor?? PUIG Radiator Side Panel 7526J: Automotive
  4. JoeZ

    Radiator Side Panels?

    I tried asking question. I did press the product question link and that only opened up another page with general information on many things. There wasn't a simple avenue to ask a question on this specific item. It appeared it would be faster to get someone here to respond before they...
  5. JoeZ

    Radiator Side Panels?

    I just discovered that they make Radaitor Side Panels for the NC700's. Anyone know anything about these? What do they do? They're being sold for well over $200.00?!!! I mean they look like just plastic stick-ons? Are they really useful? Unusual Activity Detected - Free Shipping on Orders...
  6. JoeZ

    Cross Country on my 2012 NC700X

    Hey guys, If anyone is interested in long distance rides... My article about my cross country trip last year was published today. Regards, Joe Two on the Road: Solo Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip with Honda NC700X
  7. JoeZ

    Ride-on or Slime?

    I'm doing the Ride-on as well as plugs and mini CO2 capsules ... As a back up I also carry a mini air compresser.
  8. JoeZ

    GPS Tracking Devices

    GregC has it right.... I checked ATT coverage map and it has 99.9% coverage of where I'll be riding .... So I installed the iPhone app he mentioned and it'll do the job. Basically just want family to know where I am when they need or I need them to know.
  9. JoeZ

    GPS Tracking Devices

    My cross country ride is slowly approaching and I'm basically geared and ready to go. My last item of purchase is now a GPS Tracker. I've done my research and understand what they offer and what the prices are, but wanted to get some real understanding of it's use by experienced tour riders...
  10. JoeZ

    Replacing the NC's Orginal Horn (Video)

    Just in case anyone was interested in replacing their horn. I did this today. Honda NC700X Horn Switch to a PIAA Horn - YouTube
  11. JoeZ

    Battery overload?

    Thanks guys.... Yeah the Garmin I bought wasn't a zumo, it was a nuvi. It said bluetooth ... But found out later it was NOT bluetooth compatible with headsets. Sooooo, instead of spending seveveral more hundred dollars to get a Zumo, I'm having my nuvi upgraded for a few bucks with a bluetooth...
  12. JoeZ

    Battery overload?

    I'm gonna do LA to NY and back in Sept. on my 2012 NC700X and have a question about loading the battery. I would like to be able to plug in and use the following: 1 Garmin GPS 2 Bluetooth transmitter, 3 My iPhone 4. My dash-cam. Do you think the NC's battery would be fine if these 4...
  13. JoeZ

    Comment by 'JoeZ' in media 'ready1'

    Niceeeeeeeee :-)
  14. JoeZ

    Adventure Jacket or Rain Gear

    This is all great info ... Thank you guys... Getting the jist of it all.
  15. JoeZ

    Adventure Jacket or Rain Gear

    I have read very good reviews on "Joe Rockets" products on Amazon. It's good to hear you're a happy camper. Thank you for the feedback.
  16. JoeZ

    Adventure Jacket or Rain Gear

    Interested to get the feedback of the adventure riders ... Will be taking my NC cross country in a few months. I already have a good Bike Jacket that can handle some of the elements BUT, it's not meant for rain (and it can get a little hot during the summer, but I plan to make the trip during...
  17. Just my Bike

    Just my Bike

    My NC700X resting on a lazy Sunday
  18. On Any Sunday

    On Any Sunday

    Alone time with my NC700X
  19. JoeZ

    Home made skid plate for $6.00?

    Has anyone tried something like this. Going to a local Walmart and buying a simple bread cutting board and heating it up to mold around the parts of the bottom of your bike to protect certain areas like the oil filter etc. This website shows how this guy did it and thought I'd get some...
  20. JoeZ

    Home made Alarm for your NC:)

    It's not noticeable at all because my Nelson saddle bags cover it up. Plus I added 2 30oz fuel bottles back there. As well, I will be swapping the black shoe string for a clear fishing wire. As for the humorous reply about the bullet ... I have several carry permits and understand the law...