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    NC750 Headlight adjust. Video on proceedure.

    Her`s a video that I made on how to adjust the headlight. I usually don`t like to ride at night but a while ago I was on a trip returning home after dark and oncoming cars kept flashing their highbeams at me so it was time to adjust my headlight. Adjust Headlight NC750 - YouTube <iframe...
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    Preparing for holigan 10day 2700 miles

    The very best mod that I did to my NC750 was to raise the front of the seat. It's amazing and not real hard to do. There are pictures and instructions on this site, look for seat slope. The second best thing that I did was to add an electric solenoid to open the frunk with a button. You can...
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    New member

    Welcome from Brazil. I had my NC 750 for a while and then joined. There is so much information on here, it's great. I lived in Pennsylvania in the US for all of my life before moving to Brazil. I've had motorcycles all of my life, all types and sizes. I have to say that I really love the...
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    Not new member, but my first NC! :)

    Welcome! You're going to love it
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    Utopia backrest knee syndrome

    First of all, I love my Utopia backrest! I was just wondering if anyone else is slowly destroying their leg/knee when mounting or dismounting your NC by grazing that mount that sticks out of the passenger seat when the backrest is removed! Ouch! I believe that my brain and my muscle memory is...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Bought a Michelin Pilot Road 4 After reading posts in this group and doing some online viewing I finally decided to buy a new Pilot Road 4 tire for the back of my NC750. After getting it mounted I did a little riding around town and It feels like it was a good choice. The ride seems more...
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    Ready to ride off into the sunset.

    Nice! Good luck with your NC.
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Took a ride in Brazil. My trip with friends from Sao Mateus to Santa Teresa in Espirto Santo Brazil. Great day, beautiful scenery. Hour long but good music. Enjoy! <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>...
  9. My NC750 Brazil

    My NC750 Brazil

    Out by the beach in Guriri, Espirto Santo, Brazil. The perfect bike for touring Brazil
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Utopia backrest I installed my new Utopia backrest today. It took less than an hour but I have to admit that I watched a lot of YouTube videos before my backrest arrived. I lived in Pennsylvania for my entire life but moved to Brazil about five years ago. One of my Brazilian friends was...