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    SOLD - NC700 Bike Cover and Key Blank

    # 1) Honda NC700X Cover 0SP34-MGS-201 Fits 2012-15. Unsure about later models. Previous owner threw it with the bike during purchase. Looks insanely good and well made. 2) Honda Key blank for NC700 (no HISS, for US spec). Looking $80 shipped ConUS for both
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    SOLD - 2012 Honda NC700X - Austin, TX

    Excellent condition with 7800 miles (will go up) on it. New Bridgestone S22 tires (+$600 value) Comes with Honda Tall touring screen and center stand (+$298 value). Also upgraded to HID headlamp (+$95 value). Everything is perfect and the low center of gravity makes it extremely a nimble bike...
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    Need Help 2012 NC700 Chain End Plate loose

    Hey all I got a 2012 NC700 and I noticed that the end plates are loose and have excessive play between the nuts and the swingarm. It clatters and makes noise when the bike is on move. Is the adjustment mechanism broken or whats happening here? I counted threads from the end of the nuts, I think...