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    NE Ohio, 2015 NC700X DCT, black, 9895 miles, asking $4900

    (SOLD) NE Ohio, 2015 NC700X DCT, black, 9895 miles, asking $4900 SOLD! Hi all, Selling my '15 700X, with under 10k miles. Asking $4800 (Corrected asking price - the title is incorrect, sorry!) Pristine condition, never dropped. Added DanMoto exhaust, LED headlamp, Puig tall...
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    Shorty brake lever - what am I doing wrong?

    So far I've ordered two sets of levers from Ebay, both purported to fit my '15 DCT, and neither fit. They're both too narrow/short/flat in the flat area that the screw goes through - they wobble badly inside the fixed bracket. My fix was a few rubber washers on either side to snug them up...
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    WTB short windscreen and tail tidy

    Simple, looking for a short windscreen and a tail tidy. My bike didn't come with an OEM windscreen, just a super-tall Puig which I took off immediately, so not looking for amazing wind resistance...just something to clean up the front. Also looking for tail tidy. '15 DCT - thanks!
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    Super newbie question - forward lean angle and backache/wrist pressure

    Hi, I'm 5'9" and not too sure of my inseam, but feel I'm proportional (long legs and torso and arms). RIding the 700x hurts my low back and my wrists/palms. I've done showkey's seat mod, but feel it can be raised even higher as I am still sliding forward slightly. I find myself mostly...
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    Bought a 2015 DCT with 10k miles and unknown history. What should I do first?

    Title's pretty clear - I have read through a ton of posts and info, and have seen things from valve adjustment to chain tension checking to oil changes to seat mods. Mods aside - those will come in time - what maintenance stuff should I do or check on at this point? The Owner's Manual is...
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    Buying a damaged bike out of state, help with pics?

    Hi all, I'm about to drive 5 hours to get a 2014 DCT that I found on Craigslist. It has under 300 miles on it. Seller bought for his daughter to learn to ride, and she lost interest. Per the seller, "Purchased as a leftover in 2015. Serviced with the dealer once in 2016. Has been garage kept...