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    Engine oil question

    I can't find my manual which had all my oil change info written in it and I don't remember what I put in last time. (a lot of family emergencies have happened since the last oil change, and I just don't retain information as well as I used to) Was wondering how bad it is to put a different kind...
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    Horn button is all "floppy"

    I'm not sure when it happened, but my horn button has lost it's springyness. It just flops around, and occasionally makes a connection and toots randomly, or when I bump it using the turn signals. I opened it up but couldn't remove the tiny inner-screws (those suckers are in there really well)...
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    The bane of my existence

    This thing... How does one reattach it? (I'm a simple man, so please use small words) Sent from my XT901 using Tapatalk
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    Last part of the "trail"

    Cheese Country Trail Fast forward - YouTube I had to do something with this footage, so I'm forcing it on my friends at NC700 forums! (sorry) ;)
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    1st part of the Cheese Country Trail

    Riding the Cheese Country Trail - YouTube *rough edit
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    Riding the Cheese Country Trail in southern Wisconsin

    Just a bit of the ride. (Watch in HD!) Riding the Honda NC700X on the Cheese Country Trail - YouTube (music is being added right now. It takes a while)
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    Off roading the cheese country trail

    Testing out the Shinko 705's on some dirt and gravel today. So far, so good. Video later....[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] Sent from my XT901 using Tapatalk
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    Weeee!!! lol (video is sped up x2) round about the roundabout - YouTube
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    Dead battery, flickering dash

    I went to start my bike up after it sat for a couple days, and the battery was totally dead. Jumped it off a friend's battery and the instrument panel was all flickery and engine light on... ugh. Any idea what the problem/solution is? I checked the battery connections and they were tight. (I'm...
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    Passenger footpeg perspective

    This was recorded last year. It's pretty dull, but the perspective is kind of cool.
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    Center stand vs. paddock stand

    I'm thinking about getting a rear wheel paddock stand (my brother has one and it's amazing) but I also thought about a center stand instead. I like the paddock stand idea because it's MUCH less expensive than the center stand, but with a center stand you always have it with you if/when you need...
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    Just curious... What does "NC" stand for?

    I was just wondering. I searched the forums here and didn't find anything. Anybody? :confused:
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    "Blood Moon" lunar eclipse

    If you were out last night (and had clear skies) you may have seen the lunar eclipse. I took some pictures of it to share with y'all.
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    Testing GoPro Jaws Flex clamp - Mount location ideas?

    I'll be taking a short ride (about an hour) to my girlfriend's house today, and I'd like to try my new camera mount. Any ideas where to stick it? ;) The ad says you can clamp it to objects ranging in size from .25" to 2". Any ideas are welcome! Thanks!
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    Aftermarket windshield, seat cushion, tires, now what?

    I have what's listed in the title, now I'm looking for what I need next on my X to make it more "adventure-ready". Any ideas? (But keep in mind, my budget is limited). Thanks!
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    Damage report

    Well, I almost had 10,000 miles on the X before I laid it down. Almost. Thankfully, the damage was done to the bike and not much to me (ATGATT). You'd think after riding 47 miles of gravel and dirt last week I'd know how to properly stop on the stuff by now. Nope. Slowing down to stop at a T...
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    Front wheel removal

    I'm taking my wheels off for a tire change. Can someone tell me what size tool is needed for removing the front wheel, and where to get one? Thanks!
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    My verdict on the Puig windshield

    I just got home from testing out the new Puig windshield. I am VERY happy with it! Face shield bug splatters were minimal, and wind was nearly nonexistent, even with the gopro on my helmet. The verdict: Very satisfied!
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    Handy trunk/frunk light

    This isn't really a mod, more of an addition, but I thought I'd share. I got tired of using my phone as a flashlight to search in my trunk for various items (I'm a slob, and my trunk shows it), so I popped a little $1 LED book light thing on the lid with some self adhesive velcro. It works...