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  1. Old Can Ride

    Somewhere over the Rainbow

    There will always be a rainbow hanging over this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Old Can Ride

    Great all in one tool kit......

    Stockton - 15-in-1 multi tool —— Very little weight.... Carry this tool with your leatherman wave and you got almost all the tools you need....
  3. Old Can Ride

    Hobo back in the saddle again..

    Hobo back in the saddle again....
  4. Old Can Ride

    When you pray before you ride!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Following a bit to close.............
  5. Old Can Ride

    Old Can Ride - AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just took the life vest off for the 1st time in 4 months. The heart test yesterday and today came back good, so I Ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Old Can Ride

    Thanks for the messages

    I have been down for some time now due to AFIB. No fun in the hospital, and the food was awful. I will find out on June 10th if and when I will be able to ride again. If I get an OK and my wife has recovered from her operation, I will be on the road again on June 11th going to the great...
  7. Old Can Ride


  8. Old Can Ride

    Galveston Wednesdays

    Galveston Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we go to the strand...
  9. Old Can Ride

    Retreads Rid’in. - Folks over 70 Can Ride

    Retreads Rid’in. - Folks over 70 Can “Ride”
  10. Old Can Ride

    Blue Water Rid’in

    Blue Water Rid’in
  11. Old Can Ride

    Texas Blue Knights

    Texas Blue Knights in the hill country
  12. Old Can Ride

    Texas Three Twisted Teasers

    3 Twisted Sisters
  13. Old Can Ride

    Ole Blue

    Mutts and Pelicans
  14. Old Can Ride

    Not the brightest Light Bulb

    The Ladder The Strand
  15. Old Can Ride

    Riding Retreads

    No one under 70 in this batch of retreads..
  16. Old Can Ride

    Indian ???

    Indian ??? Being older than “DIRT” and/or “DONALD TRUMP”, gives one the alieniest non-wall constitutional right of producing any/and all “FAKE NEWS”, and/or “TRUMP-A-LIES” one can produce in one’s short life span remaining.....
  17. Old Can Ride

    The Island

    The Island
  18. Old Can Ride

    Back in them there mountains...

    Once again back in the North Carolina Mountains..
  19. Old Can Ride

    Queenie Meets Cookie

    Queenie Meets Cookie
  20. Old Can Ride

    For the rider who wants it all !

    FOR THE RIDER WHO WANTS IT ALL The Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth & QHD Camera Integrated Full-Face Helmet Introducing the World’s First Intelligent Noise-Control™ Helmet Best Smart Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets | Sena