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  1. Fuzzy

    Ultimate Offroad MC

    Took the off road course a few weeks ago and am shopping for an off road bike. Got a test ride Saturday on a Kettenkrad. It was an awesome rid, but at 6,000 pounds a bit heavier than I was thinking with only 36 hp form the 4 cylinder Opal engine. With auction prices over $100,000 a bit more...
  2. Fuzzy

    Hobby Shop for Parts

    I lost a screw holding my Denali light to the Denali bracket and at gas stop had light hanging by wire. Went to a couple hardware stores and the screw was smaller than anything they had, I needed a 3mm socket head and the smallest anyone had was 4mm. Luckily in one store they suggest a...
  3. Fuzzy

    Watch Out For Snakes

    Another case for ATGATT
  4. Fuzzy

    Dropped - Handlebars Out of Alignment, Exhaust Smoke

    Been off forum so far this year. 70 nights in hotels for work first 3 months. 2 days off at home in January and yesterday was third this year. Storm in January blew my bike over. All I had time to do getting home after dark was stand it back up and see a broken peg and handlebars out of...
  5. Fuzzy

    Riding like your invisibe... New Meaning

    Apparently autopilots on cars don't notice MC's any better than many cagers. Read some details here: Motorcycle rear-ending raises questions on Tesla vehicle type approval in Europe
  6. Fuzzy

    Yellow Lens for Night Riding

    I have had increasing trouble seeing at night with lights of oncoming traffic reflecting off road . At times it is difficult to make out the road with headlights coming at me. I have frequently seen an add on TV touting yellow glasses to help my situation. I thought what the heck and I bought...
  7. Fuzzy

    Amish Gas

    I pulled into the Lancaster, PA Costco to get gas. This Amish guy pulled in behind me. Now I'm worried what kind of gas I pumped. Definitely a different formulation of fuel than I am used to.
  8. Fuzzy

    OCR Eats Crow

    Friday night under the big top at Horizons Unlimited we were subjected to a long tirade by OCR about Houston's football team not getting the respect they deserve and how they are stuck in a second rate conference with the likes of Navy because the Big 12 doesn't want their competition. Now...
  9. Fuzzy

    Biplanes and Triplanes Airshow

    Attended the Military Aviation Museum's airshow this weekend in Pungo, VA near Virginia Beach. Wild sighting of NC700 in pilot's parking lot. My son's older Indians on display in Museum. The '29 Scout is the one he rode to tie for first place in 2012 Cannonball and is shown in my avatar...
  10. Fuzzy

    RPHA Max Helmet Fail -- Check Yours.

    I lifted the chin bar on my RPHA Max and heard a pop followed by a piece of plastic falling to the floor. The pivot hinge failed as seen in this picture. This picture shows the face shield and hinge off so the broken plastic piece can be seen where it was. Replacement hinges are...
  11. Fuzzy

    DCT Filter Now More Readily Available

    My dealer now stocks the DCT oil filter. Previously it had to be ordered. Honda Pioneer also has a DCT transmission, and it seems good sales of the Pioneer have justified their keeping the filter on the shelf.
  12. Fuzzy

    Even OCR Would Have Stayed on the Couch.

    His NC may need a wash but even OCR would have the sense to stay home in this weather.
  13. Fuzzy

    My Near Miss. - Video

    Riding on 441 north of Athens, GA about half way to Commerce, GA a bed liner tail gate piece came out of pickup ahead of me. It went over the van to its left rear. Glad I was far enough back to not need a clothing change. I was on my motorcycle so would not have done well on impact...
  14. Fuzzy

    Video -- Self Described Old Short Fat Guy Getting On NC

    At a stop during Hillbilly Hangout OCR demonstrated his technique for getting on Nana Chu
  15. Fuzzy

    Accident Video with Ninja Move

    First biker hits dog, second goes down avoiding him and ninja jumps out of way of oncoming truck, Another view:
  16. Fuzzy

    DCT Pulling 750 Tons

    If you think the technology isn't tough, watch this.
  17. Fuzzy

    Red Sky at Night

    There is a sailor's saying that dates back to fighting days of old. This picture was taken at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis last night prior to the game. We sailors were delighted with the 45 - 20 score. :)
  18. Fuzzy

    What Time Is It

  19. Fuzzy

    Glad I Left NC at Home

    Raining all day today so I drove my truck. On wet road with light rain an hour before sunrise I hit a deer. Saw her coming up shoulder and braked hard but still doing I guess around 20 mph when I hit her. Large deer and she went airborne and rolled a half dozen times into the ditch. Need a new...
  20. Fuzzy

    Nerw Lowering Kit

    New concept in lowering suspension. Version for NC coming soon.