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    Stock Seat from 2012 NC700X - $ 40 plus shipping

    Hi Jim, Found the post, seat looks great. I would like to buy it. Can you tell me what model your NC is please? Mike
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    Looking for stock NC seat

    Are you still interested in selling your seat?? Cheers, Mike
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    wanted to buy - stock - both but driver preferred

    Do you still have your stock drivers seat available?
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    Stock seat or???

    STILL Looking for an OEM, or similar, stock type seat to fit a 2012 model year? Thanks!
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    FOR SALE: Sargent Perfomance Plus Seat

    Hello, Is the seat still available please? Mike
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    NC 700X seat, windshield, bars, pannier racks etc. for Sale

    Hi Fred, very interested in your Sergeant Seat if it is still available? Cheers, Mike