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    Charging my battery with Battery Tender..... using inverter?

    Hey you technical wizards. I have a question. I recently moved into an apartment with under ground parking, my question is, can I intermittently charge my motorcycle battery using an inverter off my car battery? There is no electrical available near my parking stall. I intend to store thru the...
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    Soft Saddlebag Support Rack

    I am looking to mount soft side waterproof saddlebags on my Nc700x and am getting frustrated shopping. What do you Guy’s and Gal’s prefer and why? Please share links and pictures if you like. I am thinking somethjng like Dry spec, or Nelson Rigg bags, I have not purchased yet, but want to...
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    Adding a Air Temp Thermometer to your bike.

    Hey Fellow Gear Heads, I have a question about adding a digital outdoor air thermometer to your ride. Have any of you done this? What unit did you use? Would you care to share instructions or suggestions? Thanks for your time. Willie.......
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    Home made radiator protector/Guard

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how many have fabricated their own Radiator Guard, and if any are willing to share images or plans. I saw this on youTube and thought it was pretty cool. YouTube Thanks for reading. Willie.......
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    Converting rear signal lights to running/signal combination

    Has anyone done this? I would like to keep my amber signal lights but have them run like the front signal lights. Suggestions and ideas welcome. Thanks for reading. Willie.......
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    Adding a 12V buss off battery for accessories

    I am in the process of adding a 12V buss to my NC for all the accessories, as the stack of terminals on the battery is getting out of control. I purchased this on ebay 8 Way Terminal Block Bus Bar, 1 Input to 8 Out, 12V DC / 24V AC Input and Output | eBay and was wondering where to put...
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    size of kickstand pad?

    Does anyone know if the kickstand pad size on a 2016 is different from 2012 thru 15? I ordered one for my 2016, and does not fit, wondering if I erred or was shipped the wrong part. Thanks for reading Willie.......
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    Help - I just installef the Sub Harness # 32210-mjl-d300 and need help

    I plugged the 6 pin connector into the existing plug under the frunk, Now I tried to measure voltage at any and all of the connectors, with the ignition on, and cannot see 12 volts anywhere, what am I doing wrong? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Willie.......
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    Carrying extra fuel, what are you pratices?

    Hey Guy’s & Gal’s, I carry extra fuel in a MSR fuel bottle and am wondering what you folks do, do you freshen up the fuel every few fuel stops, or do you use fuel stabilizer for the season. I was thinking many probably do not give much thought to this, but wanted some opinions. Thanks for...
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    Best 50/50 tires, what do you like and why

    Time to start thinking about new tires for my NC, I do quite a bit of exploring around Minnesota and would like to go with a 50/50 tire setup, what do you guys like and why? My original tires are at just over 4,000 miles, and off road traction is poor. Good wear characteristics is a real plus...
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    Comfortable dry riding boots, what do you like and why?

    I am looking to buy a pair of boots to use riding both my bikes, I ride a NC700x and a Goldwing. I am looking for comfort while riding as well as walking, I am not a super aggressive offroad rider, but would like good protection for the occasional off road drop.
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    Looking at windshields, has anybody tried this........

    Windshield Touring Puig Vario Honda NC 750 X What are your thoughts and experiences with this windshield.
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    Best Polycarbonate Windshield

    I am considering a windshield upgrade for my 2016 NC 700X OEM windshield, what do you guy’s recommend and why? All reply’s will be welcomed.
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    Is there any information available about how to create albums, download pictures and organize pictures, I am struggling to get photos into my albums.
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    30 oz. fuel bottle holder

    Question? Where and how do you cary a extra 30oz. fuel bottle on your nc700x? I am looking for mounting suggestions as well as product suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Regards Willie.......
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    shopping for rear luggage rack

    I am looking for a luggage rack for my nc, what are you folks partial to and why? Also who might have the Honda rack, and how do you like it?
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    Help, Trying to figure out how to add pictures to my albums?

    Administrators......... How do I add pictures to my albums?
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    Thought I would share, thrilled withthe results

    FYI, anyone looking for inexpensive Driving Lights, this is what I did for $35.00 Lights from Amazon Xprite 2" Inch 10-Watt Cree High Power LED Off-Road Spot Light (2-Pack): Automotive Switch from Amazon LYLLA Universal Motorcycle Tuning Part Handle Switch Button for...
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    Handelbars rolling back

    Looking for ideas, I installed 2” handlebar risers on my NC, and even with repeated tightening, the bars roll back after a long days ride in the wind, with me hanging on to them. Have any of you pinned the Bars and Risers? I am open to suggestions, thinking about drilling and tapping 10-24 holes...
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    Daytime running Lights

    I am thinking of installing e tra daytime running lights for more visibility, what are you folks recommending, and why? Thanks for reading.