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  1. pismocycleguy

    Where on the bike do manufacturers measure horsepower?

    When manufacturers post the horsepower ratings for their bikes, where on the bike do they measure the output? At the engine's crank or at the rear wheel?:confused:
  2. pismocycleguy

    2016---NEWS, Fact or Fiction Bike model upgrades

    I was reading about the 2016 Honda Motorcycle news. It mentioned the enhancements for the NC750 for the new model year, (for the rest of the World), but also stated that the USA would continue on with the NC700. But it mentioned that the 2016 NC700 would be turbocharged and the DCT model would...
  3. pismocycleguy

    New Tesla M Concept

    Tesla, M model, It also has a "FRUNK"!,
  4. pismocycleguy

    Chinese Bar Risers

    Here is a set of bar risers that I just ordered and received from China. They sell for $29.99 and that includes free shipping. They are available in 5 colors, including black. They are for 7/8" diameter handlebars. And they raise the bars 22mm. Very fast service.
  5. pismocycleguy

    How to move front brake hose through rubber grommets on fork?

    What is the secret to sliding the front brake hose through the two rubber grommets (attached to the fork in two places) so that the handlebars can be raised with risers? Need a little more hose length. I've tried loosening the grommet mounting brackets, and tried sliding the brake hose through...
  6. pismocycleguy

    Spencer's Motorcycle Seat Mods

    Has anyone had their Honda NC700 motorcycle seat modified for fit and comfort by Frank of Spencer's Motorcycle Seat Mods of Florida? If yes could you post your thoughts of his product and post some photos of his work. I heard about him and his work on the Suzuki V-Strom Forum. Maybe he...
  7. pismocycleguy

    Fly Screen for NC700X

    I'm looking for some ideas, and/or photos, of fly screens for the NC700X. Need to have something smaller for the warmer weather, and still obtain "some" wind protection and "reduction" of buffeting and noise. Not looking for Gold Wing comfort. Just smoother/quieter wind flow. Thanks in advance...
  8. pismocycleguy

    Sale on 2013 NC700XDD

    I just received an email from Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernardino, CA, advertising 2013 Honda NC700XDD for $6499.00, today. (Feb. 8, 2014) Check it out if your in the market for an XDD.:cool:
  9. pismocycleguy

    Ever Lost a Unique MFR's Fastener?

    Have you ever dropped a unique fastener, (screw, bolt, snap-rivet) or other unique connecting part into the depths of your bike's body work or other DARK, UNREACHABLE place while working on your bike? And have never been able to find it, even after removing all that plastic bodywork?:mad: I...
  10. pismocycleguy

    Inner Handlebar weights-Removal

    I am looking for the quickest and easiest method to remove the OEM inner handlebar weights and bar ends and replace them with after market bar ends, bar end weight retainers and handguards. I would like to accomplish this without unglueing the left rubber hand grip and completely removing the...
  11. pismocycleguy

    Necessity of adding or removing drive chain links?

    Was it necessary to remove, or add, drive chain links when replacing the OEM rear chain ring with a 2 teeth larger, or 2 teeth smaller chain ring on the NC700X. In the past, with other bikes, I have been able to do this change without cutting the chain. What have others experienced with the...
  12. pismocycleguy

    Powerbronze Flip Information

    Anyone want to describe their experience with the Powerbronze Flip screen? Tell about the Good and/or the Bad of this screen. Where did you make the purchase? How does it handle the wind? Any mounting problems? Any flexing at high speed? In cross winds? In traffic? :confused:
  13. pismocycleguy

    National General V-Stream Windshield

    What ever happened to the National Cycle V-Stream Windshield for the NC700X? I thought that it would have became available after March or April 2013? I guess it didn't work out as well as National Cycle anticipated? Must have hit a glitch in the design? Or in manufacturing? Oh well! I would...
  14. pismocycleguy

    Sargent Seat, Pre-Registering NC700X for Seat Development

    Here is the contact site for an owner to pre-register their Honda NC700X at Sargent Seats so that Sargent can judge the interest in researching and producing a "NEW" Sargent Seat for our bike. The more owners/riders that sign up (showing interest) the quicker the seat will be available for sale...
  15. pismocycleguy

    Question about the seat?

    Is the NC700X front seat assembly inter changeable with the NC700S seat assembly?:confused: Mike in Hungary would like to know!:) Thanks
  16. pismocycleguy

    Braided stainless steel brake lines?

    Has anyone discovered a source for braided SS brake lines for non-ABS Honda NC700X bikes? I've checked Spiegler and Galfer for ready made lines but could not find anything. Any suggestions? :confused:
  17. pismocycleguy

    Plastic Document Bag

    Hey, Did everyone , anyone, find a plastic document bag inside the owners manual box at the bottom of the luggage box, aka frunk? I sure didn't!:confused: It is suppose to protect your registration/insurance documents from moisture. I'm just curious? Let me know please.
  18. pismocycleguy

    Dales Nut Plates

    Where do you purchase Dale"s Nut Plates? How do you get ahold of hondabikepro? I want to purchase the nut plates for mounting my windshield. Thanks, PCG:confused:
  19. pismocycleguy

    What is tooth count on STOCK NC700X countershaft and rear wheel sprockets?

    What is the tooth count on the stock, OEM, counter shaft sprocket and the rear wheel chain sprocket? I have not be able to find this information, and my bike is not nearby for a physical count. Thanks:o
  20. pismocycleguy

    Changing the counter shaft sprocket or rear wheel sprocket

    Has anyone added a smaller, 1 or 2 teeth less, counter shaft sprocket, or a larger, 2 or 3 teeth more, to the rear wheel sprocket, to give the NC700X 6 speed bike more get up and go from a dead stop?:confused: If so, what was your experiences and opinion of this modification? I would like a...