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    Question NC to Versys?

    Considering moving from my 2012 NC to Versys reason except thinking of a change...NC has only 11k miles and is perfect... Any comments positive or negative would be appreciated.
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    Winter Gloves?

    Hi Guys....Any recommendations for a good set of winter gloves? I'd go for heated but short on $$$ right now. All suggestions are appreciated.:cool:
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    Yamaha FJR A E

    Anyone familiar with fjr ae? Considering purchase of an 06, but apprehensive about auto clutch. Any input would be helpful. Thanks
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    New old guy on long island

    Thanks, kpinvt....East Flatbush, Canarsie, East NY among others....
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    New old guy on long island

    Hi guys...just picked up a 2012 NC700X with 7500 miles on the will share the garage with my 2011 NT700 ABS...not that I'm new to bikes...been riding for over 40 years since I was a kid in Brooklyn, date U brlieve this will be my 74th or 75th bike...I used to manage a bike...
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    OK Guys...I admit I'm old and not too bright so forgive the dumb question... how do I listen to my GPS through my helmet? Blue tooth? Wires?... Got the Garmin hard wired but nothing else at this time... Thanks for any help.
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    Heated grips

    Anyone using heated grips? If so, what kind and are they worthwhile? How about handguards? Same question. I ride all year round and live in the Northeast and only used heated grips when I had a BMW 1100RT. Thanks for any comments.
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    In case I was unclear, how many total miles per tankful?
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    Probably missed it, but what was the farthest amount of miles you've gotten on a tankful on your NC700?