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    Tail light mod

    The only thing I noticed is if the turn signals are much closer I think they interfere with side bags (or maybe just my saddle bags). That's the only thing that's stopped me. I don't really like the mini turn signals either because I don't think they offer enough visibility.
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    Tour Master 8261-1505-40 Black Elite Saddlebag

    Those look bigger than my Blaze saddlebags, but going by the model number I'm guessing those are 40 liter (20 each)? If so, then they're apparently a tad smaller than the blaze. The problem I have with the blaze is that the zipper doesn't open really enough to get larger things in/out. So I...
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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    greenboy, Can you show your mount a little sounds like you don't have anything going over the rear seat like regular saddlebags would. I'd be curious if I can adapt what you did to my bags. Thanks,
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    frunk lid accent pieces

    Oh ok, I'll have to take a look. Thanks!
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    frunk lid accent pieces

    I'm not sure what you mean by luggage loops, I did an image search and I don't think I'm seeing what you're suggesting. Can you post a picture of what you're referring to?
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    frunk lid accent pieces

    If I'm looking at the diagram correctly, then I think we're only talking about #2 and #3. I like the later models but those don't seem like they'll fit at all. I'd like to have something with a couple holes for straps, but still look nice when I don't have anything on.
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    frunk lid accent pieces

    I was going to ask if you were 3D printing something...which I was about to start thinking about doing. With my other projects this year, not sure if I'll get to it or not.
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    Tidied Up the Tail & Red Rim Tape

    Looks good, what tape was that?
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    Stock Tail Light Parts

    I might be interested depending on what's all included, do you have pics? Also, which tail tidy did you go with?
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    Microfiber camping towel 1/2 off ($5.58 w prime)

    Interestingly enough when I click on the link I see $4.95 for normal price
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    Total biker newbie - got myself in trouble

    I can say though on my ATV if I check it cold it's barely on the stick, if I warm it up it's right where it's suppose to be. So it does seem to make a difference at least on that machine. Haven't checked the NC700X yet to see how much it makes a difference on that one.
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Oh, for some reason I thought it was this past weekend! Good thing I didn't take the drive out (10+ hours)!! But even still, I don't believe this weekend will work for my either. Oh well, maybe another year.
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    Battery issue

    But it's the same as licking a 9V battery, it still gives you a jolt, but you can easily tell how much juice is left by how much of a jolt. That's why I believe OP emphasized the "POW" when shorting.
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I actually just read about the Vintage Motorcycle Days in the AMA magazine and thought it sounded cool. I wasn't able to make it out this year, but how was it? Did you go multiple days or is just one day "enough"?
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    hard sided saddlebags cheap

    There's always this option if you wanted cheap side cases:
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    FS: MFW Vario adjustable foot pegs

    Just bought these and got them already. Thank you very much!
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    Honda Self Balancing Motorcycle

    I noticed that the handlebars aren't directly linked to the forks...I supposed that's necessary so that you don't prevent the balancing from happening, but just something I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable with or not.
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    SW-MOTECH Blaze saddle bags with mounting arms

    I'm guessing this is the ebay link for your bags? SW Motech Blaze Sport Saddlebags for Honda NC700X - GREAT CONDITION! | eBay
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    SW-MOTECH Blaze saddle bags with mounting arms

    Are you able to get to the fuel easily? I'm assuming you have to unstrap them at least to lift the seat right?
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    Over 4 years with my NC

    Just curious, how would you compare the Africa Twin vs the NC?