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  1. superdedooperman

    For Sale: Gloves

    I sold my jacket to the guy who bought my bike, but still have my helmet and gloves available. $50 - Bilt Evolution Modular helmet XXL, not sure how accurate the size is because it’s the only one I owned. The Superman sticker is reflective. $40 - Large Joe Rocket Flexium TX gloves (Fits like...
  2. superdedooperman

    2013 NC700x 4820 miles $5000

    Well the time has come where I feel it is best to sell my bike. I knew the day was coming, but it's sure not my favorite thing in the world to do, that's for sure! Got a baby on the way who will be here in just a few short months. I just don't ride as much as I did and when I do, it's only to...
  3. superdedooperman

    Givi 1111fz and M5M Monolock top case plate

    Does anyone have either of these available in good condition? I'm looking here first before buying them off Motostorm from Italy. It will be about $128 for both pieces, shipped. The 1111fz is the top case mounting arms and the m5m is the plate that will fit my top case. Just checking...
  4. superdedooperman

    SW-Motech Steel Rack

    Selling my SW-Motech steel rack. I added Tusk panniers to my bike today. Unfortunately, the steel rack was not compatible with the side mounts. I need to buy a Givi top case mount to keep my top box on there. Otherwise, I’d be keeping this rack. Very well built. Super solid. $110 Plus shipping...
  5. superdedooperman

    Windshield and Levers

    I've added black, adjustable levers. Bought off ebay for about $25. I really liked the look of them. They feel nice, too. Also, I cut down the stock windshield and plasti-dipped it (don't laugh at the noob job, only the second time plasti-dipping anything). I like how it turned out! It...
  6. superdedooperman


    I bought some cheap mirror extenders off ebay. (Which may be the problem in the first place) While trying to install the mirrors on them, the mirror screws in tight about 90 degrees before they should. So, the mirror is facing away from me. I attempted to loosen the nut at the bottom of the...
  7. superdedooperman

    Motard Inn

    Has anyone ever used to purchase accessories for the bike? They have an insanely good deal on the Shad comfort seat. So much so that I am skeptical of the low price. Please, let me know if you've had success purchasing anything from this site. Thanks!
  8. superdedooperman

    SW Motech Rear Steel Rack

    I’m looking to get the Givi e22 side cases, but I have the steel luggage rack from SW Motech(with a Givi e450 top case) and Givi told me there aren’t any Givi bag supports compatible with the steel rack. Does anyone know of bag supports that are compatible with the SW steel rack? Or if...
  9. superdedooperman

    Sedici Ultimo Gloves

    ****SOLD**** Selling these to buy a smaller size. Fingertips are just a little too long for my hand. Love these gloves, though. Great range of motion, protection and look. $65 shipped, paid $79 brand new. Under 3 hours of use. Size Large
  10. superdedooperman

    Sedici Ultimo Gloves

    Just bought a pair of these from Cycle Gear. I went in looking for a pair of Joe Rocket Flexium gloves and saw these. Tried them on and they feel great! It’s a full gauntlet race type glove at a great price of $79. Very comfy with great range of motion. They flow air really well, too. Definitely...
  11. superdedooperman

    Shock Adjustment

    Soon, I plan on adjusting my rear shock to soften it up some. I've noticed the bike is very stiff and want to try it with a bit more "spring" in it. Also, it would help this shorty reach the ground a smidge better too! Ha! After watching the how-to video posted on the forum, it doesn't seem...
  12. superdedooperman

    Help finding a small part

    I was putting my bike back together after running wires for my aux lights and I lost a little piece. I tried three times to screw into this little grommet thingy-ma-jig, but it kept falling through. The last time, it fell through and I couldn't find it anywhere. Poked and prodded for 30...
  13. superdedooperman

    Mounting help for mini LED light bar

    I have seen a thread where a member mounted a light bar like this one under their headlight. I do not remember if they had a Honda light bar for mounting, but have been searching for that thread and have been unsuccessful in finding it. I intend to use this as a bright light assist when the...
  14. superdedooperman

    More wiring trouble for aux lights

    I've been combing these posts about wiring and aux lights and thought I knew what I was doing! Apparently something else needs to be done. I am a novice with this, but was following steps others have done and certain instructions that have been posted. I followed the 12v accessory instructions...
  15. superdedooperman

    Spinning Bar Ends

    I have some bar end mirrors I want to try for a while to see if I like them, but I'm having one problem...the bar ends rotate. They don't rotate too easily, but I'd like to be able to set them in place with these new mirrors. Any ideas on what is causing the movement or how to keep them in...
  16. superdedooperman

    Bushing stuck while installing lowing links

    Bushing stuck while installing lowering links Hello! I'm new to the forums. Had my bike for about a month and a half now. I love it. I'm installing some lowering links. I have a jack under the middle of the bike, where a centerstand would be. Then I have a scissor jack under the swingarm...