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    Garmin Zumo XT install

    I installed a Garmin Zumo XT on my wifes bike today. I think it is going to work out great. I ordered a Givi crossbar kit that bolts on behind the windshield and mounted the Garmin to that with bracket made by Motopumps. I have the same bracket setup on my Africa Twin. For the power wire I ran...
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    Has anyone tried the Touratech spring kit for the NC700X?

    I noticed this on their site the other day and was wondering if anyone has installed it and what improvements if any from the progressive springs? If its a decent kit i may put this on the wifes bike along with a set of cartridge emulators on the front end. My hope is it would take away some...
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    Need help deciding on luggage for Wifes bike

    I am trying to decide which luggage to get for my Wifes 2016 Nc700x. I have narrowed it down to either the Givi Monokey system or a Shad SH59X top case and a set of matching SH35 panniers. Both units would be mounted with bike specific hardware. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with...
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    My heated grip install oh my fizes nc700

    I did a little video detailing what the end product looks like on an aftermarket heated grip install i did on my wifes nc700
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    Our first real ride.

    My better 3/4 and I went for a ride on Sunday down to Little Compton in RI. She wanted to take a ride down to the ocean so we decoded to head there vs easten Mass/Cape Cod since traffic would be better. We just set a destination and used Scenic on our Iphones with the avoid highway and extra...
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    Hello from New England

    We recently picked up a 2016 NC700x for my wife. She is really excited about it. Up until now she has ridden a TW 200 for the last 5 years and she felt like it was time for something bigger. When we started looking i suggested this model because of a couple reasons. First being the mild mannered...