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  1. greenboy

    Excessive lean on sidestand / kickstand

    If you have excessive lean on sidestand / kickstand due to having a taller rear tire, or a rear suspension spring that is actually strong enough for your weight and what you carry, or you have attempted to compensate for sag by cranking up the preload which raises the back of your bike, this...
  2. greenboy

    Klim: keepin' it covid

    Not a bad design, or a bad idea. 3 colors, 2 sizes.
  3. greenboy

    It is to laugh (craigslist follies) "I am offering my 2012 dual sport, NC 700x motorcycle for sale." "It is a dual sport multi terrain bike..."
  4. greenboy

    Small/mid Adventure bikes have promise

    Hey that KTM 390 Adventure kind of looks like it could be a good budget go-most-places bike. Compared to the NC: • More suspension and clearance, and suspension is adjustable • 19" wheel on front • At least 80 pounds lighter filled with the same amount of petrol • With 250 pounds of rider and...
  5. greenboy

    Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41

    After 9220 miles of coarse pavement and some other stuff with my last Avon Trailrider rear, I decided to try the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41, $145.36 shipped from American Moto Tire. The Avon's been the best for handling, feel and longevity, also amazing on cold and wet roads. But I will...
  6. greenboy

    Ran across Michelin POWER 5 a few days ago

    Ran across Michelin POWER 5 a few days ago, already a few more tire retailers have it listed. But I usually go AMT. Anyway, it's about $20 cheaper than the Road 5 and evidently of the same lineage...
  7. greenboy

    Nemo and Osco chain oilers

    WebBikeWorld did a review on the Nemo 2 Oiler a couple years ago but I thought I'd link a couple videos that have ideas about mounting this semi-manual item, which requires a twist of the reservoir to apply oil to the chain for the next three minutes while on the move. I like the simplicity and...
  8. greenboy

    Avon TrekRider

    Here's one that's piqued my interest as a 50/50 rear tire, in 150/70-17 69T. 9.7mm tread depth.
  9. greenboy

    Meter Stay (holds combo meter and windscreen)

    Hey y'all What color is the meter stay on your pre-2016 NON-DCT NC and what year is it? My 2013 has/had a matte grayish silver one about like the image below. I'm thinking I might prefer a matte black one if the fit for these years for the combination meter is the same.
  10. greenboy

    Mesh pants and strong overpants that work for you

    I'm totally satisfied with my Joe Rocket ALTER EGO 3 jacket as a basis for all-season riding along with the proper underlayers. The armored mesh jacket when it's hot makes it possible to enjoy fairly rigorous off-road riding and in-town slow stuff, and everything else is positively a breeze. The...
  11. greenboy

    Wanted: VStream+ Touring Screen for NC700X #N20009

    Anyone have a VStream+ tall screen for NC700X (N20009) they want to off?
  12. greenboy

    sprockets: PBI 17-tooth front with stock rear

    I finally got around to putting my 17t sprocket on. It's from a company in Oregon. The PBI 17-tooth looks like it's a top-notch product at 17 notches and can be had directly: Honda CTX-700, NC-700X/XD 2012-16 on 520 chain -- available in 15 through 17 tooth. I cut a slot at the bottom of the...
  13. greenboy

    Hope it's working now.

    Hope it's working now. The forum, I mean...
  14. greenboy

    True Confessions

    Sometimes I sit up on the front hump of the pillion when tooling down the highway. Stretches the legs, more comfortable than it was previously due to up-and-back risers.
  15. greenboy

    greenboy motosnaps

    never mind. never mind.
  16. greenboy

    Why I love my NC though it is not perfect

    I love my NC. It's not the fastest or quickest or lightest or the most comfortable ever, and like many stock machines the suspension is just adequate. The NC is just fast enough and quick enough to do well in the traffic I encounter, and feels great on the open road. It takes me without fuss or...
  17. greenboy

    Spokes and no freaking tubes

    I've been running the Tubliss™ system on my WR250 for a couple years now. Going without tubes has made life a lot better for me. Always hoping the marketplace would produce some other solutions for more sizes and types. Here's a company whose product is being used with Rally Raid CB500X that...
  18. greenboy

    Adventure alternatives to bloated pigs: SOMEDAY?

    Adventure alternatives to bloatocycles: SOMEDAY? Affordable "Adventure" alternatives to the current ADV bloatocycles may eventually be available and easier to come by, if the smaller manufacturers do well enough to get a trend going. Then maybe the megacompanies take notice and decide the niche...
  19. greenboy

    Bruudt winscreen adjusters: HIGHLY UN-RECOMMENDED

    If they only cost $20 I'd still tell anyone that the Bruudt windshield adjusters for the NC700X are HIGHLY UN-RECOMMENDED. Why? It's due to being a PITA to actually get a windscreen installed on them after the easier part of putting the aluminum slider pieces onto the NC700X. I guess this...
  20. greenboy

    Aiding in clear visiion...

    To wash and clean helmet face shield and motorcycle eyewear, especially useful in bug country and for off-road dust build-up. Lightly filled with water and whatever cleaner (often windshield fluid) and a microfiber cloth. Accompanies a small stuff sack for dry microfiber cloths which are used...