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  1. pismocycleguy

    Which seat to get? Sergeant or Corbin???

    I visited the Corbin Shop in Hollister and had them make a pilot’s seat for my NC700X. After riding awhile I went back to Corbin’s for a few adjustments. Rode awhile longer and then returned to Corbin’s for a third visit. The total time involved with the Corbin visits was over a 5 month period...
  2. pismocycleguy

    Your mirror might be the cause of your buffeting noise

    I have been using KTM Duke mirrors I’ve been using KTM Duke mirrors on my V-Strom since 2012. It works fine for me. I also fitted a custom tinted windshield on my Storm. I can’t locate a photo to post.
  3. pismocycleguy

    Seat mod......slope change

    I did the front lift on my 700X. It was better than stock, but I also did not like the space between the seat and the flunk. So I went to Corbin Seats in Hollister, CA and bought a Corbin front seat only for my NC700X. It was a lot better with no slope forward and more cushioning at the rear of...
  4. pismocycleguy

    nut plates for winshields

    Found a pair of nut plates RS, I received your message and I think I have a pair of nut plates in the garage. So I went out in the garage and searched through a couple of boxes of NC700 parts/accessories, and lo and behold I found one pair of Dale's 5mm stainless steel nut plates. :) So if...
  5. pismocycleguy

    What are you paying for your NC700X?

    I bought my 2012 in Santa Barbara in 2013 Milessb21, I know what you're talking about. I live in Pismo Beach and there is a scarcity of dealers here too. I bought my 2012 NC700X non-ABS at Santa Barbara Motorsports in Goleta after they agreed to match the price I got from L.A. Cycle Sports...
  6. pismocycleguy

    nut plates for winshields

    Sorry greenboy, I only have a Robin outfit, but it should fit you perfectly! Good luck with the nut plates, they'll really strengthen your windshield attachment!
  7. pismocycleguy

    nut plates for winshields

    Are you looking for HONDABIKEPRO 5mm nut plates???? Anyone who needs a set of 5mm nut plates, I've got a pair that are almost new. I went to another windshield with different size mounting screws.
  8. pismocycleguy

    nut plates for winshields

    I have a set of 5mm nut plates from HONDABIKEPRO. I'm using a different windshield and don't need them. Make me an offer and I can send them to you. I also have a set of OEM NC700 bar ends that I replaced with some BarkBusters and don't need. Make me an offer and I can send them. PCG
  9. pismocycleguy

    2016: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Do the Givi Handguards interfere, touch, the Givi screen at full lock?
  10. pismocycleguy

    Comment by 'pismocycleguy' in media 'MRA Vario Touring Screen'

    MRA Vario Touring Screen
  11. MRA Vario Touring Screen

    MRA Vario Touring Screen

  12. pismocycleguy

    Painting skid plate

    Rubbing alcohol will work just fine, unless you plan on drinking the left over! Like the hot pink!
  13. pismocycleguy

    Fork gaiters

    It's possible that you mounted the rubber Triumph fork boots without enough slack to accommodate the total travel distance of the inner fork travels during extension. And this caused the boots to stretch and tear when your fork was extended. I have the plastic Triumph fork protectors and this...
  14. pismocycleguy

    You're all right about The Seat

    Who modified the Seat Concept seat, you, a friend, or Seat Concept?
  15. pismocycleguy

    Prepping NCX Seat for Seat Concepts?

    YES. I would remove all removeable items from the seat pan. Takes a little time but beats trying to find missing parts when the pan is returned to you with the new foam and cover, and you want to immediately take it for a test ride. You'll really like their seat, I do.
  16. pismocycleguy

    skinny dipping

    Your probably looking at the second!:p
  17. pismocycleguy

    skinny dipping

    Sounds pretty boring 670cc! :rolleyes:
  18. pismocycleguy

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    Maybe you should mention the size?
  19. pismocycleguy

    Sargent Seat, Pre-Registering NC700X for Seat Development

    Pre-Registering was almost three (3) years ago, prior to Sargent making a seat for the NC700. Just to judge interest in their seat. No need for any further registering. Just visit their site and make a choice.
  20. pismocycleguy

    Rounded head on oil plug bolt - my own doing :(

    The last person who changed the oil and filter on your bike must have been a "little over-hyped" and then over tightened the oil drain plug. My oil drain plug & filter were over torqued from the factory. I was able to remove the plug without a problem but I had to destroy the oil filter to get...