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  1. LeeInMpls

    2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor

    I want to thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge about the NCxs. There may be one in my future. You can't find DCT anywhere near my neighborhood and you have to travel a couple hundred miles to find any kind of NCx because the neighborhood Honda shop is not getting new bikes in. You...
  2. LeeInMpls

    Honda NM4

    Looks like a Manga motorcycle. Or from Tron. But shares a motor with the NC and also DCT
  3. LeeInMpls

    NCx Engine GIF

    I saw this short video and made a gif out of it:
  4. LeeInMpls


    I like my Slipstream Turbo windscreen on my GL650. The screen in the photo is the closest I've seen yet. Has anyone used one? I am looking for an NC750x DCT "not current" or low mileaged 2016 or newer used and they are pretty rare in my neighborhood. I have a link where this photo comes...
  5. LeeInMpls

    GL650 and GL500 Owner I am back!

    I was here earlier this year when I was looking for something to add to my '82 GL500 that had 7,800 miles on it. I found an '83 GL650 with 28,000 on it that was refurbished by a CX500 froum member in Appleton. I really like the GL650. It adds the power and torque and dual disk brakes that...
  6. LeeInMpls

    700/750 power differences

    Just curious. Is there a noticeable difference in power between the 700 and 750? The CX500 has about the same H.P. as the 700 50hp at 9,000 rpm and lower torque 33.9 @ 7000 rpm The CX650 has more H.P. than the CX500. But it also has better MPG, being geared higher. 65h.p @8000 rpm and 45...
  7. LeeInMpls

    Uffda! New Member In Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

    Greetings! I resurrected an '82 GL500 last summer. My neighbor put it in his garage when his 14 year old daughter was born and hadn't ridden it since then. She only has 7,500 miles on her. She started right up with a jump battery after I put Mystery Oil in the cylinders and cranked it with the...
  8. LeeInMpls


    Greetings, Before I make my first offical post, I'll like to create my .sig but I can't find where to do that. Thanks! Lee in Minneapolis