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  1. Cigar Mike


    Just a short ways from the 70 headed towards Mt. Evans This one is headed towards Cripple Creek down the 67. That is Cathy on her CB500X following me.
  2. Cigar Mike

    Colorado riders.

    We are riding a few hundred mile rides on weekdays every week. If anyone is free on weekdays and would like to join, let me know. We leave from Centennial and go North and South from there up into the mountains. Going South through Woodland Park, up the 67 to 285 and then Pleasant Park Road...
  3. Cigar Mike

    ARC Battle Born Adventure Jacket and Pants

    Rocky Mountain ATV/Motorcycle has this new gear. It looks promising at a reasonable price. I have used the ARC Foul Weather gear for DS riding and it had proven to be very tough and waterproof. It did not have armor though. This new gear does and is well vented also. At about $350 for pants and...
  4. Cigar Mike

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    I just received my new Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Jacket. I got it at Amazon for $197. I have a larger size that is too large now and replaced it with this one. I have been happy with the jacket I have. The liner is good and is designed to be worn as a windbreaker. The zip on collar is nice when...
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    I can't figure out how to get an image from photobucket to show up.
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    Strange handling of Car service

    We own a 2005 Honda Accord. We needed it serviced and to get some recall items fixed on the car. Minor stuff but we wanted to get it done. The car has only 39,000 miles on it and has never given us a problem. We took the car in the early fall when the weather was still fairly warm. As soon as we...
  7. Cigar Mike

    I hate climbing in the tent. My way to solve the problem?

    But I love camping. The problem for me is my knees are not cooperating when I have to get down on my knees to climb in the tent. Other that that one issue I seem to be doing fine for a 66 year old man. After seeing the trailer build by northwestrider I have been considering fabricating a...
  8. Cigar Mike

    Honda VFR1200X

    I am really thinking about looking into getting this bike. Of course that depends on price and a test ride. But from what I have seen there is much I like. I could not get a price from the dealer yet and bikes won't be here until March of next year at the soonest.
  9. Cigar Mike

    Polaroid XS100 Video Camera

    Being the cheap guy that I am I looked around for a cheap video camera. I bought this Polaroid because it was $100 and would record in 1080 and 720. It came with mounting options. I chose the side Helmet mount for ease of operation. I am not a camera guy so this new to me. I am pretty happy with...
  10. Cigar Mike

    Safe tire pressure

    Being new to street riding and after 45 years riding dirt. I was wondering how low of tire pressure is safe? I ask because recommended pressures by the manufacturer is not even close to what I run for optimal handling on dirt. I was talking to a friend that is much more experienced on the...
  11. Cigar Mike

    Traveling with the bike, not on it.

    For many years Cathy and I have been hauling dirt bikes out to ride and camping in the travel trailer. Once I bought the DS bikes I started getting everything needed to camp off those bikes. Once I bought the NC and the CB I adjusted the camping gear for these bikes. I like the camping off the...
  12. Cigar Mike

    Loading bikes in Truck, the old mans way!

    I like to take the bikes with me when I take my travel out for a week or more at time. That used to mean loading up the DS bikes in the back of the truck. The 350# XR650L could be a chore when the 1ton Dodge truck is on flat ground. The tail gate is up pretty high. I was concerned that pushing...
  13. Cigar Mike


    With all of the talk about the comfort of the stock seat I thought I would give these a try. It can't hurt or I hope it doesn't anymore once I receive them. Anyone try these? I will make a report once I use them for a ride or two. Home | Moto-Skiveez
  14. Cigar Mike

    Air Down?

    Do any of you air down your tires if you are going to ride much off road? This is the first bike I have owned with tubeless tires that I plan on riding off road. My experience tells me lower pressures work better in the dirt. How low can I go before the tire wants to come off the rim?
  15. Cigar Mike

    A huge roll top dry duffel

    I wanted a large roll top dry duffel for carrying all the camping gear. I had no idea how big 115 litters would be(34"x 15"x14"). I put everything I could find in the bag to see if I could fill it up. Compared to everything else I saw out there for more than twice the price I am happy with this...
  16. Cigar Mike

    O'Neal Shorty Boots

    I just bought a pair of these boots. I have mostly ridden off road and the street boots just don't seem to be enough protection to me. I am sure they are but it just doesn't feel right. I wanted a short boot that provided great ankle protection and at $99 these seemed to be worth a try. I...
  17. Cigar Mike

    Seat Concepts

    I thinking about trying the Seat Concepts seat for the NCX. There has been many good reports for dual sport bikes. Has anyone here tried them. Their seat kits include foam and cover to be installed on your seat pan. They will do install for $20.
  18. Cigar Mike

    New grips coming, and how to install.

    I have ordered some new grips for both the NC700X and Cathy's CB500X. I have these grips on our Dual Sport bikes and like the grip as well as the comfort. I got the Pro Grip 719 RVGS open end. They should be here in the next couple of days. I will post a how to, the way a golf club maker would...
  19. Cigar Mike

    Yes, more of Colorado

    I am still working on getting as many of Colorado's best roads in. To make good loops from home and back the mileage is increasing. This loop was about 350 miles which we could have done easily. But the idea of staying away one night was appealing. And it was another attempt at packing the bikes...
  20. Cigar Mike

    Just a day ride

    Cathy and I went for a nice ride today on some of the best roads in Colorado. Beautiful day for a ride in the mountains. Warm down below but very nice up high. It is late so I will complete this tomorrow. Cheers, Mike