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  1. 76Hawke

    Shift lever adjustment

    Do these 2 nuts simply adjust the height of the shift lever over my toe? The toebox of my new boots doesn't seem to allow for a reset after upshifting without a concerted effort to point my toe down hard after every shift. As I look at this, it seems adjusting the nuts will just affect the...
  2. 76Hawke

    Mystery item with OEM oil filter..

    This was included with my Honda OEM oil filter. Any idea what it is? There is a pinhole which goes all the way through, and an 8mm hex recess on the other side. Thanks
  3. 76Hawke

    Everything flashes after removing my key...?

    Occasionly, when turning off the bike and removing my keys, the dash (combination meter?) and all indicator lights including headlight, will begin flashing. I have figured out that I can induce this issue on my bike by hitting the hazards before turning off the bike. I thought perhaps this...
  4. 76Hawke

    Questions about electrical farkle's?

    I'm cutting into my brake lights, turn signals, and running lights for a license plate brake light and turn signal indicator, top Box lights and turn signal indicators, and a helmet light and turn signal indicator, as well as adding a strobe device for The top Box and license plate only. In...
  5. 76Hawke

    Looking for a Dale's rack with cut-out for 2015 NCX

    Just like the title says, I was wondering if there's anybody out there with the rack that has the fuel cut-out that might be willing to part with it. I went well over budget last year, and promised my wife that I'd be good... so I thought maybe used? I look forward to strapping some gear on the...
  6. 76Hawke

    Skene IQ 275A controller help.... Please.

    So I picked up a pair of Cyclops Pegasus auxiliary lights, and the skene IQ 275-A controller. I don't have the Honda accessory sub harness, but I'm thinking about adding it if I don't use a different fuse block or an m-unit . I was hoping to do the fuse block or sub harness as a winter project...
  7. 76Hawke

    Electrical connections at the clutch lever...?

    I sat down on my bike after work today and noticed that these 2 connections at my clutch lever were disconnected. Would these have something to do with not being able to start the bike if my kickstand was down, even if I was in neutral? Thank you