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  1. Cigar Mike

    What is your favorite camping dehydrated food?

    With a home freeze dryer I bring meals I enjoy at home. The ice cream is nice during or after a day in the saddle.
  2. Cigar Mike

    so i got a new rear tire today

    Oh no, you got the wrong tire! Just kidding. Let us know how you like them.
  3. Cigar Mike

    I don't understand this:

    It is how you turn off-road. By pushing the handle bars down and weighting the outside peg it increases grip in the dirt. It is also a method used in supermoto. If the tire breaks loose you can control the slide instead of low siding. Being an off road rider most of my motorcycling life it is...
  4. Cigar Mike

    Boots required?

    Until you crash it doesn't matter.
  5. Cigar Mike

    Strap on panniers - a cheap alternative or a pain?

    Overpriced, Nomad offers the same thing more much less. Access is not as good as saddlebags. For dirt bikes that style has some advantages though.
  6. Cigar Mike

    Strap on panniers - a cheap alternative or a pain?

    It takes longer to take my gloves off than to free the strap on the Blaze saddlebags I use. It is more of a hassle to remove the tailbag which sits on the rear seat when I add that to the luggage.
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  8. Cigar Mike

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    My only fear is the cager that doesn't know what the yellow line means. On the last ride we did, a car came across the line head on about half way into my lane. It was on a straight section of road! I thought I was going to test the off-road capabilities of the NC for a second or two.
  9. Cigar Mike

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    I admit that it never crossed my mind what the cost of repair or replacement of gear would be if I went down at 100 mph. But since I very rarely go 100 mph I don't have to worry about it.
  10. Cigar Mike


    We do need to go South for warmth, but the roads down here on the "flatlands" are dry much of the year and in th forties. We etc as much mountain time as we can between the other way weather activities.
  11. Cigar Mike


    Just a short ways from the 70 headed towards Mt. Evans This one is headed towards Cripple Creek down the 67. That is Cathy on her CB500X following me.
  12. Cigar Mike

    2016: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Took out the bikes for a run today to break in the new PR4s. I was surprised how good a new set of tires felt on the bike. I don't know if these are that much better than new stock tires or just a lot better than worn tires. But there was a big difference. Did a shorter ride than planned of...
  13. Cigar Mike

    Go West Old Man....A ride report

    That is the time of year that is best for southern Utah as well. Moab is usually low eighties. There is always a chance of rain storms from June through the first snow. today it was suppose to be in the 90s here and the ride we planned for today changed with the storms that rolled through this...
  14. Cigar Mike

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    Wow, I hope to never find out first hand. I really don't know how well it would do. But I do know that it compares well with other of the same type jackets, as far as protection.
  15. Cigar Mike

    Colorado riders.

    We are riding a few hundred mile rides on weekdays every week. If anyone is free on weekdays and would like to join, let me know. We leave from Centennial and go North and South from there up into the mountains. Going South through Woodland Park, up the 67 to 285 and then Pleasant Park Road...
  16. Cigar Mike

    Fieldsheer Jacket.

    After doing several miles with the jacket I am very pleased with it. The venting is pretty good but it is not good enough when the temps get above mid eighties. A mesh jacket is used in the summer.
  17. Cigar Mike

    Moto skivvies

    I have been using a pair and they do help despite there poor design. I wear a pair of regular riding shorts over the MS. This keeps the MS in place and also makes walking around off the bike more pleasant. I have shared my opinion with them. I see the ones for women are more to the design I...
  18. Cigar Mike

    Help? New member

    Funny, I was the same way until this one. I wash it and ride it. The low output motor doesn't need much attention. Which is another reason I like the bike.
  19. Cigar Mike

    Go West Old Man....A ride report

    Great trip and report. Since I have lived out west my whole life and been to most of the places you went to out west many times. I think I take them in without much thought. Where I haven't been is out east. Sounds like I need to do a trip in the opposite direction. I just don't know when the...
  20. Cigar Mike

    2016: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I put a new set of PR4s on the bikes. Got 6,800 miles out of the Metzeler. Put a set on Cathy's CB500X also. The Pirelli had a few more miles in them. Going to put a few hundred on them tomorrow.