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  1. 76Hawke

    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    Glad it was helpful, a drop in the bucket of helpful info I've seen you share.
  2. 76Hawke

    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    Uploading a bunch of photos that show the different opening dimensions of the trekker 33. As you (hopefully) can see the opening is slightly reduced at the latch. Personally, I pack in separate stuff sacks, the largest of which can fit with some finagling. I also included a photo with a piece...
  3. 76Hawke

    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    I think the top box is probably my favorite. Always a spot for my helmet and lunchbox (which can be swapped with my jacket once at work). I use the side cases for this time of year to stow away insulated pants and extra sweatshirt for the morning commute -in the upper 30s-low 40s right now.
  4. 76Hawke

    nut plates for winshields

    When I click on a name, a little box pops up with some profile info, an avatar, and 3 little "option boxes" -FOLLOW, IGNORE, and START CONVERSATION. I only use mobile, but I simply click on the START CONVERSATION box and go from there.
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    nut plates for winshields

    I reached him with a direct message
  6. 76Hawke

    Fender extension and rear hugger!

    I always trouble with the Transformers...Decepticon logo is so much cooler, but I'm an Autobot at heart
  7. 76Hawke

    Dale’s Rack for sale plus Honda seat and windshield.

    I would definitely be interested in the rack. Sending a pm
  8. 76Hawke


    Looks to me like an OEM touring screen (similar bracket and shape, more pronounced wings)
  9. 76Hawke

    Need Help Which screen
  10. 76Hawke

    Close call today, countersteering and leaning still freaks me out.

    Does the turn that makes you sweat have a "slow" time? Say early on a Sunday morning for instance? I remember having a couple intersections, hills, turns, etc that I would repeatedly drive when traffic levels were light and I had time. Just take that same turn repeatedly without the pressure of...
  11. 76Hawke

    Horn suggestion

    Is that weatherproof at current location, or do you run extensions into the side fairings as referenced by dduelin?
  12. 76Hawke

    Horn suggestion

    Did you pursue this any further? Thanks
  13. 76Hawke

    Shift lever adjustment

    Thanks for looking. This was my thought as well. Looking at the diagram (and its recommended prescribed length) makes me wonder if it might pinch or create friction at the ball joints though..
  14. 76Hawke

    Shift lever adjustment

    Last entry in the chapter, good eye! I looked up shift pedal, not gearshift.. thanks.
  15. 76Hawke

    Shift lever adjustment

    Do these 2 nuts simply adjust the height of the shift lever over my toe? The toebox of my new boots doesn't seem to allow for a reset after upshifting without a concerted effort to point my toe down hard after every shift. As I look at this, it seems adjusting the nuts will just affect the...
  16. 76Hawke

    Puig engine guard + Honda light bar?

    The 1st image is about 1 and 1/16th inches between the inner upper engine guard, just where the frame bends in underneath the upper radiator hose. The 2nd shot shows exactly where the 1st was taken. The 3rd shot is a close up where the inner guard begins to bend and is taken just above the...
  17. 76Hawke

    Puig engine guard + Honda light bar?

    Cool, I'll actually grab them tomorrow
  18. 76Hawke

    Puig engine guard + Honda light bar? need for the measurements? No problem at all, I could grab this evening?
  19. 76Hawke

    Puig engine guard + Honda light bar?

    I don't have the light bar, but do have Puig engine guards. If pictures would help you, let me know, if there are areas of concern, specify and I'll include in pics...
  20. 76Hawke

    [REVIEW] Wireless Smart Helmet Light by Brake Free

    Price (when tested): $169.99 USD or $228.00 CAD, Brake Free Mounts (2) are $18.00 USD I use a similar product, not as bright (or large), but it has a usb rechargeable unit, running, brake, and turn signals. I purchased each unit for $25 and synced both to my NC. It required wiring it into my...