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  1. SilverRocket

    Question How to change gear

    I tend to spend most of my time in D. Even with 60 mpg I still don't like being inefficient; plus our gas here is $3.45/ gallon. I switch to S1 mode when splitting lanes in tight traffic, or if I am on a very twisty road, especially if going uphill. In D there is one time where I go into Manual...
  2. SilverRocket

    Has anyone checked out or ridden the Honda NM4?

    I've always liked unique bikes like that, but the riding position and price were both uncomfortable to me, Did you ever see the Honda DN-01? A more traditional look, with the best side mirrors ever! It had an automatic transmission too, though I am reading discrepancies about whather it's a...
  3. SilverRocket

    A bit confused about the empty gas tank

    I've never filled a bike without looking into the tank, to watch the level rise at the end of the fill up. You can start filling normally, with the nozzle shoved all the way in, but watch the meter on the pump. At a normal fill up, which I try to do as soon as the reserve starts, the pump will...
  4. SilverRocket

    First bike

    With all the distracted drivers these days, as well as the speeders on the freeways and all the nuts who are parking wherever they feel like it, the DCT is a great way to reduce your own distractions when learning a new bike. The riding position helps too, so you can spot the crazy SUVers from a...
  5. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    Update- U.S. riders- Has anyone else seen a big jump in insurance going up from the 700X to the 750X with the same policy amounts? My liability-only policy doubled in price, from $102 to $291 when I replaced the old 700 DCT with the 750DCT. In CA we have to have every bike's VIN attached to...
  6. SilverRocket

    Who else has a dct that is never going back to a traditional clutch?

    For several years now, at the big bike shows and demo events, I always check the clutch pull on any bike I'm interested in first. I like using my bikes to ride everywhere, which means getting stuck in heavy traffic sometimes. My aging wrist just can't take that kind of abuse. Is it possible that...
  7. SilverRocket

    Possible purchase

    +1 I also would like to know what specifically do you want to get a 750 for? It seems like you've got the perfect bike for your needs, other than not having a frunk. A 750 will get worse MPG compared to a 500. 200 miles per tank is about the max I could safely go if I were getting my best mpg...
  8. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    Yes, you're right. I'd had the 474 lbs written down on a note posted on my desk's wall for years, but after double checking this bike has always been 505 lbs. Now I' really wondering why the difference in feel. I edited my previous post.
  9. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    I've been riding a bit more. Took a ride through the hills in Malibu yesterday with the DCT in S1 most of the time. No issues. I Was wondering if the new bike really was heavier than the old 700. I was thinking about the difference in weight the other day as I was leaving my doctor's office...
  10. SilverRocket

    Which screen for a newbie?

    The photo at the beach is my 2018 NC750 DCT with the stock windscreen and one of those eBay attachments. It worked great (for the price) for getting me the 50 miles home. The rubber inside had deteriorated, but I wrapped it with tape to avoid scratching the stock screen when I attached it. It...
  11. SilverRocket

    Trunk Liner?

    I've never seen one. Usually when I travel I put one of those cloth bags that hold 6 bottles of wine in there, with different things in each of the 6 pockets. Tools, towel, water bottle, sunglasses, etc. In the future I will probably keep more tools, tire repair kit, air pump, etc. in there...
  12. SilverRocket

    Extended Warranty or No Extended Warranty, that is the question.

    The Ext Warranty can be priced down. Never pay full price and NEVER finance it when you buy the bike. You shouldn't be paying high interest on a $400-600 warranty you can't even use for a full year. You have the full year to decide if your bike will need it, due to recurring issues, so then...
  13. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    I hurt my back, probably from twisting off an impossibly tight bolt with a tiny allen key wrench, so haven't ridden enough, nor filled up yet. But the display shows about the same mpg as I was getting on my 700, around 60 mpg average.
  14. SilverRocket

    2016 Silver NC700XDCT 13,200 miles $4000 OBO in Los Angeles - Sold on June 22 2020!

    Sold for $3500. There were a few flaws in the bike, chips and such, and it was time for a tuneup, so I lowered my price down from $4000 for a quick sale. I transferred the new rear grab handles from my new bike.
  15. SilverRocket

    Radiator Guard?

    The shipping to Calif is almost as much as the guard. Will keep looking
  16. SilverRocket

    OEM hand guards

    I had my dealer install the Honda Handguards on my 2018 750 DCT. I didn't like the idea of losing the heavy bar end weights, but they were a direct fit, unlike BarkBusters, which will likely not work without a few runs to the hardware store. Do they look like they are pointed down too far? Or...
  17. SilverRocket

    Made the upgrade from 700X DCT -750X DCT - Here's what you need to know.

    So I finally got to pick up my new 2018 NC750X DCT. I bought it back on June 2 and had some accessories installed. It was brand new with just 1 mile on it. Dealers here were given some of Honda's hold-backs from 2018. They still have 2 manuals at the dealership. It's so nice finally having a...
  18. SilverRocket

    Unsure about buying the NC750X, need advice.

    A used 700 is a great bike for someone not sure about ownership. Around $3-4K, many (like mine that I have up for sale on the marketplace thread) have tons of miles left in their lifespan. I...
  19. SilverRocket

    2016 Silver NC700XDCT 13,200 miles $4000 OBO in Los Angeles - Sold on June 22 2020!

    Sold for $3500. I just bought a new 2018 750 so am selling my 2016 NC700X DCT. It was a demo unit that I bought in July of 2017, when it had 1600 miles on it. I have the title along with all service records. It's always been dealer serviced. Last oil change was about 3,000 miles ago. The...