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  1. Red Rider

    Rounded off oil drain plug bolt, anyone know where I can get new one?

    And don’t forget to use a crush washer. A very inexpensive step that can help prevent pulling out the threads.
  2. Red Rider

    2021 Royal Enfield Interceptor

    It’s a LOOKER for sure. Enjoy!
  3. Red Rider

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Keep riding - it will keep you sane during the trying times.:cool:
  4. Red Rider

    I bought a new 2020 Xmax 300

    Great looking scoot. What others did you consider in that class? I’m in the hunt for another myself.
  5. Red Rider

    Concealed weapons

    A very emotional and controversial topic to say the least. As one who also has a short-lived background in LE as well as the military all I’ll say is- get the proper training - classroom and range. Practice and know your weapon of choice. Don’t flaunt it. Avoid if at all possible even displaying...
  6. Red Rider

    Newbie from Scotland

    What a beautiful machine. First pic I’ve seen of one. Seat looks good! And I like the foot boards, too! Looks like a nice easy tourer..
  7. Red Rider

    Yikes! a TRIKE

    Amen Brother. You know the phrase; It isn’t what you ride....... :cool:
  8. Red Rider

    Does it fit

    Same here. In fact that cable/lock stays on the grab rail permanently just to make leaving my helmet quick and simple. I have too much junk in the frunk to ever use it for a helmet. And when I have the top box on the bike, it’s usually for a purpose and not available for the helmet. Just one...
  9. Red Rider

    Minnesota newb

    The NC is just a solid all-round bike. Not great in any particular area, but a very capable jack of all trades. You already named many of its attributes. Add to that the built-in storage, economy and ride-ability. A better all-rounder than most other bikes in my opinion. BUT... it ain’t sexy, no...
  10. Red Rider

    Fuel Seat Mod

    HA! as a guy who just finished Mickey-Mousing his front seat Mod for the umpteenth time, you won’t get any criticism from me! If it works - go for it! It’s something Honda shoulda-coulda done from the git-go! Nice job
  11. Red Rider

    Michelin Road 5’s Longevity Report

    Totally my bad.. :rolleyes: fixed it ;)
  12. Red Rider

    Michelin Road 5’s Longevity Report

    Cost per mile should certainly be part of the decision equation. Especially if ya can’t close that gap a good bit. And, if the Raven does indeed give a reasonably comparable performance. For me, one of those impossible-to-quantify variables is my inherent bias for Michelin instilled in me after...
  13. Red Rider

    Michelin Road 5’s Longevity Report

    12,000 miles now on my Road 5’s and I just noticed my front tire is just about ready for replacement. The rear still looks pretty good and may go another couple grand(?). And that after two puncture repairs over time. I‘ve been very pleased with these tires. They have handled extremely well and...
  14. Red Rider

    Heated vest

    Looks like you nailed it! I just get by with a tee shirt under the heated jacket liner and my heated glove liners connect at the sleeves of that and I can wear them inside of any gloves I have. No bulky layers anymore. And if you push your pigtail out of the rear/side of the battery box (Then...
  15. Red Rider

    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    What cup holder is that? I’m in the hunt for one. Cooler weather now and I do enjoy a sip of hot coffee while cruising along.
  16. Red Rider

    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    64mpg is my consistent number. I can and have gotten considerably more, but I don’t hesitate to play with the switches between D, S, and Manual depending on what I see coming up in the next half mile. I can’t resist, it’s just too easy to do on the fly. Same with hitting a downshift and powering...
  17. Red Rider

    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Well, I gotta admit, I liked that last shot the best. :cool:
  18. Red Rider

    It’s All About The Slope!

    I knew from the very first ride when I took my new NC home that the seat was absolutely one of the worst of any new bike I had ever experienced. Since then I’ve done the “Showkey” mod, a cruiser style gel pad, an Airhawk, and a combination of the two - which actually worked quite well as I...
  19. Red Rider

    2014 CB1100 Black Beauty 6K miles mint/stock

    Awesome bike. Good Luck with your sale/swap, DBM. I went through a similar transition myself. LOVED the CB1100. Photo attached. And I know you’ll miss yours. Your NC will never generate as much photo activity as that Black Beauty of yours. You’ll miss the power delivery. That oh-so-smooth...
  20. Red Rider

    My NC700X in the curves!

    Always blows me away watching the pack pull out of sight only to have you crawl right up their butts through the turns! :cool: