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  1. Markino

    Oxford heated grips diameter and questions

    Hi all! I'm thinking to install the Oxford Premium Sport heated grips on my bike but i have some questions: - do you know the outer diameter of the grips? I have a very small hands so I'm looking for the thinner grips - do you know the dimension of the controller? I don't like the controller...
  2. Markino

    How to read MIL code by myself?

    Hi guys, it happens to me that the MIL comes on ant stay on... after switch injection off and on again the MIL comes on for a sec and then off as normal and averything works fine. I've read that I can read the MIL code with a special tool SCS Service Connector that seems to me just a wire to...
  3. Markino

    How to read the voltage comming out the ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature)?

    Hi guys, I've read that the ECT sensor has a wire where we can read the coolant temperature: the ECT is a variable resistor and in the P/W wire there is a variable voltage from 0 to ~5V that can be converted to temperature. Do you know how the ECT works and how to calculate the temperature...
  4. Markino

    When the fan motor turns on?

    Hi guys, do you know the "exact" coil temperature when the fan motor get started? And what about the warm up temperature? When (coil temperature) our motor could be considered okay?
  5. Markino

    PGM-FI (MIL) led doesn't switch off today....

    Hi guys, today it happens again (this is the second time in around a year) that I turn on my bike in the morning and after riding I immediatly feel the motor won't get rpm well.... looking to the dashboad the PGM-FI (MIL) led is on! I stop the motor and after re-turn the injection on all works...
  6. Markino

    How to shrten the original gear and rear brake levers?

    Hi guys, I've just mounted the M-Factory adjustable foot pegs and I'm really happy! 25mm Extend Front Adjustable Foot Pegs Honda NC700 S/X 12 13 - mfactorystore Now that I've my foot pegs in a more sporty position (more rear and higher than the original) I need to shorten both the gear and...
  7. Markino

    Anyone with Arai Tour-X3 helmet?

    Hi guys, I'd like to buy the Arai Tour-X3... does it fit on frunk (removing the peak)?
  8. Markino

    Akrapovic slip-on question

    Hi guys, for who've got an Akrapovic slip-on on NC700X/NC750X: can you please give me the distance in cm from the lower case/riveted-band to the mounting carbon band included? Here there is a pic where I mark with red line what I need...
  9. Markino

    First service: 4kg of 10-40W motor oil?

    Hi guys, I've just pay for the first service interval of my NC750X 2015 (1000km) and in the invoice they wrote 4kg of Castrol 10-40W oil... I check on the user manual and Honda recommend 10-30W oil and the capacity changing the filter should be 3,4l. The shop told me that the 10-40W is good...
  10. Markino

    Who knows the exact model of our rear shock?

    Hi guys, do you know if the NC750X has the same rear shock of the NC700X? What is the exact brand/model of the NC750X shock? Thanks!
  11. Markino

    Dashboard buttons question

    Hi all, this morning I've realize my right dashboard button is little bit out from its seat. To be exact the rubber cover is comes out little bit from the right side seat... I've just push it down in a correct position and it seems ok but I'd liek to be sure is not a problem. Yesterday I've...
  12. Markino

    Can you clean all the rear tyre surface while cornering?

    Hi guys, just a stupid question in order to understand the limits and/or the possibility to cornering with our NC750X: can you clean all the rear tyre surface? I have the Pirelli Angel GT but still can't clean all the surface nor rub the asphalt with foot peg.. I'm trying to understand...
  13. Markino

    Back again on NC!

    Hi guys, last year I sell my NC700X White after a great all around experience (home-office every days, vacation ecc...) because I was thinking to buy a more sporty bike (CB1000R!?) but after the bike left my home... a great news comes from my wife: "Guess what!? You'll become dad soon!". I've...
  14. Markino

    ACF-50: where to apply on NC750X?

    Hi guys, my new NC750X is arrivng.... I expect her next week and I'm thinking to apply ACF-50 immediately as I'll leave the bike outside. Do you have noticed a "warning area" on aour NC750X where the corrosion could attack? That will be the first time I use ACF-50 so any advice to how and...
  15. Markino

    Kit rele Honda for optional connector: aftermarket or Honda?

    Hi all, I'd like to install the rele and fuse for the 6pin optionale connector... is there any aftertmarket product or is it better to go with the Honda one? If yes can you point me on the exact aftermarket model?
  16. Markino

    Optional 6pin connector: pinout?

    Hi all, do you have the pinout of the 6 pins optinal connector on the left side? I have a Spyball alarm with a dedicated Honda cable that has a 6 pins connector and some other spare wires (led, ecc..) and I'd like to be sure the signal on the NC750X connector is the same the alram expect...
  17. Markino

    Need help: OEM Center Stand removal

    Hi all, I have to remove the OEM Honda Center Stand... can you help me please to understand how to dismount the springs in a safe way and with no help from other guy?
  18. Markino

    Start engine problem while in side stand

    Hi guys, recently I've seen that if I park the bike in the side stand when I go to start the engine next time leaving the bike in the side stand it doesn't starts immediately... it starts hard. If I ride it, so that the bike is in vertival position, before starting the engine no problems and...
  19. Markino

    Metzeler M5 on NC700X...

    Hi all! I've just installed the Metz M5 tyres on my NC700X.... I think they're really great tyres! My only quesion is: I'm not able to "clean" all the rear tyre even if when I'm in the corner it seems to me the bike it's really "lying" (I've scratched my boot but still some portion of tyre is...
  20. Markino

    Lowering the front...

    Hi all, what about lowering, just a bit (5mm), the front of the NC700X in order to make it little bit "racing"? I've read that 3 to 7mm is a little adjustament that doesn't impact really on the stability and it would make the front wheel just little bit quick/spor while inserting the corner...