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  1. Ticopilot

    The blue icon of high lights is turned on when the low light is on and won't turn off

    After a very strong rain a couple of days ago, the icon in the display for when the lights are on high beam, lighted up and wouldn't turn off. The next day, when I started the bike again, the icon turned back on and by the time I arrived to my destination, about 30 minutes later, it started...
  2. Ticopilot

    Battery equivalent to the YUASA YTZ14S

    I live in Costa Rica and the local YUASA distributor is a mess and is out of stock with a 2 month wait. I need thus, a possible equivalent to this battery in other brands. Do you have experience with other brands that have the same characteristics as the YTZ14S. My bike is a NC750X DCT...
  3. Ticopilot

    Problem with center stand after installing after-market exhaust

    I am having trouble with the position of the center stand once it is up, now that I have installed a new Two Bros exhaust. The original had a stop for the center stand that this one does not and now it goes too much up and this messes with the position of my left foot. Really a pain. Have you...
  4. Ticopilot

    Sprocket sizes for NC750X DCT 2014

    Does anyone know the size of the front and rear sprockets of a 2014 NC750X DCT? The manual states 17T and 43T but the different online vendors say 16T and 39T. Thanks,
  5. Ticopilot

    What is the best oil for the NCX DCT?

    I have been doing the oil changes with the dealer I bought it from and he uses Honda's GN4 10W30. What do you use and why? Thanks for your input.
  6. Ticopilot

    Got new tyres. Now what?

    Ok, I just got myself a couple of Michellin PR4's. Need to change the current Pirellis the NC came with stock. Now, this is the first time I get to change tyres since the bike I started with and changed for the NCX, I sold with decent wear tread. That being said, I have never riden with new...
  7. Ticopilot

    Installed new Admore lightbar

    I just installed a new Admore lightbar as an auxiliary tail light with break and turn signal functions. I am very happy with how it ended looking since Admore tells you to place it below the license plate but I thought that if I wanted conspicuity it needed to be where drivers were more likely...
  8. Ticopilot

    New Aux lights

    I just installed two sets of aux lights on my NCX. The larger ones are Cyclops Optimus Primes on a Denali light light bar. The ones on the fender are 2" 10W round minilights from The Cyclops turn on and off via a switch in the handlebar (included in the harness I bought...
  9. Ticopilot

    12 v Accessory outlet in the frunk and helmet space

    This is a question for those who have installed a 12 volt socket in the frunk and wear at least a size XL helmet. Has the size of the exposed part of the socket made it impossible or difficult to put away or take out your helmet from the frunk?
  10. Ticopilot

    Anybody with a NEXX helmet?

    I just got a helmet from my wife and kids for Father's Day and I was wondering if any of you knew this brand or had experience with it. The helmet is an X40 from NEXX, a Portuguese company. The helmet looks real nice and is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified, made of carbon fiber, has a detachable...
  11. Ticopilot

    Has anyone installed Cyclops' Long Range Optimus LED aux lights?

    I was wondering if any of you has experience installing these lights and what do you think about them. Did you use the dimmer option? Did you use the Honda sub-harness? 10, 20 degrees or the 10/20 combo? Thanks for any insight on this topic.
  12. Ticopilot

    Turbo NC

    WHY A SUPERCHARGER? Would you buy an NC Turbo like the one in this article? What will it take for you to change your current NC for the new turbocharged one?
  13. Ticopilot

    Dashboard blinking and bike losing power for a few seconds while riding

    I just had the weirdest thing happen to me while riding to work. I was on my regular city piloting when all of a sudden, the dashboard started blinking and the bike lost power. About 2 seconds later, it resumed as if nothing had happened. I still need to check if anything was reset in the...
  14. Ticopilot

    Problem with the center stand NC750XD

    I have installed the original Honda center stand on my NC750XD. I bought it from Webike and it clearly stated it fitted my model. I had no issues installing it but when I first put the motorcycle on it, the stand slightly lifted it but with no clearance of the wheels from the ground. I wanted it...