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  1. Chestnut

    RTE(D) - Skyline Drive

    Anyone up for a ride to eat dessert in Shenandoah National Park? I'm thinking either July 17th or 23rd, spend some time on Skyline Drive and enjoy some blackberry cobbler, cheesecake, and/or ice cream at Big Meadows Lodge (near the halfway point). We could meet on the north side of the park and...
  2. Chestnut

    Maryland area riders - favorite ride to eat (dessert)?

    I'm currently residing near Hagerstown and I've decided that my Mother's Day present should be a ride. I already see that aside from interstates and heavy traffic areas, every road is a good motorcycle road. But what's a good motorcycle road that leads to a restaurant known for its baked...
  3. Chestnut

    ADVrider Death Valley nOObs rally 2015

    For the past ten years, ADV rider has held a rally in Death Valley National Park geared towards riders new to dirt. I stumbled across the thread in fall of 2013 and signed up for last year's rally. Then I had to cancel, as I was pregnant and on strict bed rest in March, and I've been haunting...
  4. Chestnut

    Overland Expo West 2015?

    Anyone going? Anyone who's gone previously - would it be worth renting a truck and hauling the bike out for some training vs the site says Rawhyde will have BMWs for "test-rides"?
  5. Chestnut

    Finally! First ride of the year

    I was finally able to take my NC out today after a long 8+ months. I've been a bit busy, you see... Our daughter as born July 30th. I'd planned to ride through January at least, but threw my back out a week before Christmas and spent three weeks on the couch. By the time I could think...
  6. Chestnut

    Need help with rear shock replacement

    Hey all, hubby is headed down tomorrow with my bike so we can install my new Wilbers rear shock on Saturday. Unfortunately he can't find my shop manual to bring it down (this could have something to do with his refusal to unpack...). The change seems pretty self explanatory, but could someone...
  7. Chestnut

    Park 'N' Ride Rally, October 11th 2014

    2014 Park 'N Ride Rally This year benefiting Angel Flight West, a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs. If you live anywhere in the Southwest and hearing or...
  8. Chestnut

    NCXers in South Africa - skid plate/crash bar R&D

    Hubby's been talking to a company in South Africa about his next toy, and of course asked about protection products for the NC700X. They're interested in marketing to us, but don't have a guinea pig bike to play with. Rumbux located in Montana , Pretoria, RSA. Don't know how...
  9. Chestnut

    Bike feels off

    Last Tuesday I went for a longish ride and the bike was feeling a little off. Like the chain needed lube or something. Lubed when I got home, took her out later, still felt a little off. Later in the week I was rolling along in 2nd gear in traffic, and she kicked into neutral. Didn't think...
  10. Chestnut

    Horizons Unlimited California in October

    Thinking about heading up, in Cambria, CA Oct 24-27th. Anyone else?
  11. Chestnut

    SoCal Friday or Saturday, who's in?

    I'm thinking maybe Lake Arrowhead a little west of Big Bear. Open to anything within about 150mi of San Diego.
  12. Chestnut

    Quickie camping trip

    Tomorrow the hubby and I are heading up to Angeles National Forest for some camping and hiking. Planning to ride the Angeles Crest Highway west to east and bounce around the mountains a bit. Supposed to be over 100 degrees all weekend, so this could be...interesting. Will post pictures as I can.
  13. Chestnut

    Do you wear ATGATT?

    Seeing pictures of some post-gravel gear tonight reminded me of a site I saw a while ago. Read this girl's story, you may reevaluate your riding apparel (or rather lack thereof).
  14. Chestnut

    Motorcycle Books

    I am woefully behind on my 50 book/yr project, so I'm looking for some fun books. So far the only motorcycle books I've read are Hopeless Class and The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing. Just found Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in my massive ebook folder, so it's going on my reader now...
  15. Chestnut

    Just because you're paranoid...

    ...doesn't mean they're not out to get you. I accept that I am harder to see on a motorcycle. I accept that most people aren't looking for bikes. I accept that people. are. stupid. That's part of the deal I make with the universe whenever I swing my leg over and head out. But Holy God, some...
  16. Chestnut

    Is there a cure?

    At some point while I was traipsing about the countryside my dad asked if I'd been turned into a touring junkie yet. He's the 'let's ride to Vegas for lunch' type (328 miles each way). I told him I wasn't sure yet. I've been back a week now, and I am -dying- to go somewhere. This just won't do...
  17. Chestnut

    Anyone have gear altered?

    I have a really hard time finding gear that fits. (5'9" with a 30" waist and curves) Gear manufacturers don't seem to believe in women taller than 5'5", and men's gear they don't believe in those proportions. So I'm contemplaing getting some kind of textile grear with the length I need and...
  18. Chestnut

    Who's ridden to/in Alaska?

    It's probably a pipe dream, but I'm contemplating an Alaska trip next summer. Ideally I would ride through Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Waterton-Glacier and Banff parks on the way up, and see Glacier Bay, Denali and maybe Gates of the Arctic while I'm there. Any tips or suggestions would be...
  19. Chestnut

    Pacific Coast Highway

    San Diego to Seattle and down the PCH kicked off yesterday after work. So far I haven't even pulled out the camera, mostly just been reminded how much I hate Los Angeles. Today and tomorrow are long days (500-600 miles), straight up the superslab. Can't wait to get to the fun part coming back...