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    Hey guys, I was looking for the cover that is stretchy and rolls up to the rear seat. This is the only forum I've ever seen it on and can't remember it's brand. Can somebody help me? btw- My new ride is a 2017 Versus 1000 . It's a great bike!
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    Horizons Unlimited Sept 22-25 Yosemite California

    Just a heads up on the HU meet in Cali in Sept. Gaknc700x and I will be there. I'm leaving Shreveport on the 17th. George (Gakncx) is coming from PA and I don't know when he's leaving. I should be in Amarillo by noon on the 17th. We will be going straight out I-40 if anyone wants to join in...
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    Look like the real deal!
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    Helmets, speakers and ear plugs

    If you have a helmet with built-in speakers, do you still wear ear plugs? My ears can't handle wind noise so I always wear earplugs. I can imagine a helmet that fits so perfectly it covers the ears and has speakers. But, I don't know if such an animal exists. If it did, I would think it is...
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    Seahorse cases?

    Found these on the Tenere forum. I've never seen them before but they look like a good alternative to expensive cases. I'm sure you would have to get the attachments from one of the regular suppliers like Givi, Touratech, SW Motech or any of the many others. For those of us cheapsters, I think...
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    Ichiban Moto

    Has anyone ever seen this guy? He's hilarious
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    Packing heated gear

    For those with heated gear. I just got a heated jacket and was wondering how durable they are and how to pack them. I'm hesitant to roll it tight like I do everything else. Afraid I'll break wires or whatever makes it work. What do you do?
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    Anyone else?

    Concerning the thread subscription tool on this site. I really like this website. It is easy to use and usually, family friendly. My only suggestion is to make the subscription to threads easier. I've lost threads (my own fault) from not subscribing to them. To subscribe seems convoluted to me...
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    1st world problem

    I need some feedback from you's guys and girls. I'm already thinking of the cold weather riding (because I LOVE it!) and I am going to get a heated vest this year. The problem is I have heated Gerbing gloves which I really like and I also have heated grips (this is on my new bike). If you...
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    ArkanSTOC 2015 is now September 17-20

    Ok Ok! I know this is very close to my previous thread (dates wise). I think I can do both. This is put on by Bug Dr. and started out as an ST owners rally but all bikes are welcome (so saith the Dr.) It's at the Hub in Marble Falls Ark. Many of us have been there and know what great roads are...
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    Oct 8- 11 2015 Horizons Unlimited N.C

    Ok, I'm registered and planning on going. The only thing that could stop me is being in the middle of selling my house and having to do the legals. Highly recommended by OCR! You peeps from up that way ought to consider! Here's the link- HU Travellers Meeting North Carolina 2015 | Horizons...
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    Think I'd stay away from the waves....
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    Led strips for additional turn signalsemergency flashers

    I wired these into the harness by going in through the plastic cover in the rear wheel well. One screw to take off - that's it. I got some weather proof connectors so I can still take my side cases off with ease. Was going to take pics of the install but forgot.... I'm sure I'm not the only...
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    seen this jacket? Edit- I got so excited I posted before I did a search. Sorry . Here's a link to one...
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    Another seat mod thread -

    Hey guys, for your consideration -or not. I'm not cheap, just poor. I bought the WalMart $20 4-wheeler seat pad and modded it a bit. It will work for some. It works great for me around town, I've yet to take a long trip on it but that's coming up in March (Hillbilly Hangout). I didn't get a...
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    Just a couple of small mods

    I've been looking for a small LED to attach close by the ignition so I'm not doing the "keyhole dance" when trying make a fast getaway. I found it! I attatched it using velcro under my Rox Riser but it will work on the handle bar just as easy. I put the other one on the underside of the frunk...
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    its the little things.....

    So, I'm going to be the good son and run out to see my aging parents this weekend. Since they live out in the country, its always at least a half day to visit. I figure I'll change the NC's oil while I'm out there I only have 6,000 miles on the oil but haven't quite wrapped my head around an...
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    May/June 2015 Grand Canyon Trip

    I'm planning to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon next year ('15) in late may or first of June. I know this is not too much notice for a trip like that for some of us. For me , it's originating from Shreveport. Louisiana. All bikes welcome. More information will be coming as the plans...
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    A Motorcycle, a Man, and a Macanudo

    It's really about my fall camping getaway in eastern Oklahoma. I've been camping at least once a year in the Ouachita National Forest every year since 1974. I found this spot in the Ouachita a couple of years ago. It won't appeal to everyone -but then, what does. It's my get-away spot for 3...
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    Shad SH-36 side cases

    Here is my review of the new Shad SH-36 side cases. I like pics (or it didn't happen) so there's a lot. First off, let me say I really like these. The are top quality. They are easy to put on and easy to take off. The 3 point attachment system is they way to go. Simple and strong. Everything...