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    Premium Speed

    Had my NC750X DCT for nearly a year now. I have always used Shell V Power Nitro petrol in it but i read a few forums on here that the NC is just as happy on the standard 91 Ron. So......for the last month i have been using standard petrol. OK i saved a tiny amount of money, and the MPG is...
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    NC750X 8K Service amendment

    Just booked my bike in for its 8k service on Friday, and to my delight you do not have to have the valves checked. Honda say that it is now part of the 16k Service. So cost are reduced from a quoted £360 to now £160. Extra money for Father Christmas this year :-) :p I asked them to look...
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    Mileage trip computer fault.

    After about 2k miles i found my A+B trip computer keeps loosing it's memory. For example i do 100 miles from trip 0 and when i start up the bike the next day it reads 80 etc. Booked it into my Honda main dealer, but they say it's a known fault and Honda is working on a fix. Something about a...