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    Soft Saddlebag Support Rack

    Lomo waterproof bags and I made a home made bracket to support them. My home made support is similar to Greenboy's.
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    Riding the NC500 around the Scottish highlands...

    Midges are not usually a problem in May. Once you get into Scotland there are lots of great roads you could use to avoid motorways and the A9. When I did the NC500 we went up Loch Lomond, Glencoe and Fort William to get to Inverness. The Scottish borders and Dumfries and Galloway are beautiful...
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    How low can an NC be lowered?

    I had mine lowered 40mm
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    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    A run up the Ayrshire coast in Scotland. Beautiful day but really cold. Good day to try out my new heated gloves.
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    UK-Scottish trip

    Never see you on UK site anymore.
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    Spare Fuel

    Hi, Could you tell me where you got the tube and fuel can from please. Thanks
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    SW-Motech Rack Installed!

    Hi, I made a bracket to hold my saddlebags clear of the rear wheel. I don't know how to load photos to the forum but if you pm me your e-mail address I can send some pictures to you. Iain
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    Yamaha tracer 700

    Seat height is 845mm, I would need to wait for a lowering kit to be available before buying.
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    Center stand dollies

    this is the one that I made, works really well. Bearing cost about £11, other parts I had lying around.
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    How LOW can you go????

    I lowered the rear of my NC700X by 40mm using links and the front by 12mm by lowering the forks through the yoke. Fitted a side stand from a NC700S I picked up on an auction site. I can still use the original centre stand OK and I've found no issues with the handling or suspension.
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    Just something I wanted to share

    We arrived in town, completed the ceremony, and had some free time to mingle with the old timers and towns people. I’ll never forget my next conversation. I was talking to a group of about 5 old timers. They asked me how many jumps I had. Proudly, I answered, I have 67 jumps and I am a master...
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    1 min vid of me and my NC700S - Boxing Day 2014 Beach Road, Vilamoura, Portugal

    I though I recognised the scenery, I've been on holiday there a few times.
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    NC700x Gear Indicator - Aftermarket

    I have the Gipro gear indicator, very good.
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    Puig wind deflector

    Could someone tell me how far apart the brackets are please. The screen I have is 11" wide at the top, will it fit ok ? Thanks
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    Saddlebag braces... home made!

    Hi Stratuner, I was wondering, how thick was the section you used to make this frame. 1/8" (3mm) ? Thanks
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    SHAD Comfort Seat

    I was wondering if anyone who has ordered the shad seat has received it yet and had a chance to try it yet. Would be interested to hear if it is an improvement on the original.
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    SHAD Comfort Seat

    Does anyone know if this seat is available in the UK ?
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    Lit Motors San Francisco

    This was featured on the BBC news channel 'Click' programe at the weekend, looked really interesting. The prototype bike they featured was carrying a lot of electronics and giros which the manufacturer says will be reduced to the size of a shoebox for production. The bike went along as normal...
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    Luggage box: is it real waterproof?

    Great picture ! Did you visit before the midges came out - been known to make a grown man cry ! I think it has been the same all over, can be nice one minute but flash floods next.
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    Luggage box: is it real waterproof?

    My X has been out in a few downpours in 'sunny' Scotland this summer and it's been bone dry so far.