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    Indicator Relay Location?

    Ive had a quick hunt around on google and the forum but no luck just yet, can anyone point me in the right direction to easily locate the indicator relay/flasher on an NC750SA? Im hazarding a guess its going to be buried deep inside the faring somewhere inconvenient where my nonjapanese sized...
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    NC700SA seat v's NC750SA seat switchable?

    Howdy A mate just bought an NC700SA and the seat is pretty damn hideous and slippery. Ive got a spare NC750SA seat sitting at home, without his off to try... does anyone know offhand if the newer NC750SA seat will fit over to the NC700SA by chance?
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    Innovv K1 Camera setup

    What better way to spend a stormy rainy day, installed an Innovv K1 dual camera system on my NC750SA today :) Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycel recordign system | car dashcam Small waterproof cameras permanently mounted front and back that start recording automaticallywhen you start the...
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    Redback Spider stripe :)

    Picked up my new NC750S a few weeks ago and decided to tart her up a bit with a new red stripe and Screaming Demon Black Shorty Exhaust :cool: Be kind with your comments ;)