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    I love my FRUNK!

    Frunk Fun
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    The ears do not have it...

    I got a pair of custom earplugs made and they have been great. They were expensive, $120, but I'm happy I got them. I was using foam plugs and these just fit better (consistently each time) and are very easy to get in and out and do a great job on the widn noise etc. You could choose the colors...
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    I love my FRUNK!

    I'm amazed at some of the stuff I have managed to fit in the frunk. We have a PO Box near my work so all parcels (expect for 1 time when it was huge) get picked up by me and transported in the frunk. I've often had to take items out of the original shipping boxes to have them fit, but with one...
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    Local fuel prices.

    Kamuela/Kona on Big Island Hawaii is currently $4.49 -> $4.56 for 87 octane
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    Need help with helmet purchase

    I have a Scorpion Exo 1100 L and it does NOT fit.
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    steamed up speedo anyone?

    Agreed. I'd get it checked while on warranty. I hose mine and blow/sun dry with no steaming
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    My experience is the same as above, shifts up really fast in D. I tend to use S when there is traffic especially if it is slower and I might want to overtake.
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    Nice - I'm sure you'll be very happy with. Soon after getting the DCT I was always in manual mode but for the last month have had it back in automatic again. It'sd great to have the option.
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    How much gasoline You have put in when filling your tank?

    After the auto-click I wait about 10 seconds and try again, I can usually squueze a small amount more in but the 2.4 gal per refill I mentioned includes the settling time and top up. I've talked to my dealer about it but he didn't have any idea.
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    How heavy is your full face helmet?

    Mine is 60 ounces. I do about 44 miles roundtrip each day and haven't noticed a problem but the wind buffeting hits me in the shoulders usually and not on the helmet/head.
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    How much gasoline You have put in when filling your tank?

    I can only manage around 2.4 gal per refill. By then the red light is flashing, usually starting somewhere around 160->170 miles. I've tried refill from different stations, with the bike on side and center stand etc. but nothing has made a difference in terms of the refill capacity. The only...
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    New Member from Ireland

    Hi & Welcome. I have been in Hawaii for > 7 years now but originally from Ireland. Will be back in April for a visit.
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    Faux clutch lever and gear selector for DCT

    I agree with most of the others, seems like pointless add-ons. Any questions/comments I have gotten on teh DCT have always been really positive and I am very happy with the operation of the pedal shifers
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    Honda Tall Screen

    I am similar to the last post. I am 5'11" using stock screen on top mounts with full face helmet. I get the wind turulence at my shoulders.
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    Bike for newbie

    I am similar to you. I did ride in the past but about 20 years ago. I am 5"11 and 195 lbs. I got the DCT version and like the ability to go fully automatic or manual. As many others have said, this is a very good bike to get back into biking on or indeed start out on once you are big enough...
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    First maintenance service

    Just FYI - I think my 600 miles service cost about $120 (something in that region)
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    First maintenance service

    As said above 600 miles. My understanding is that this is basically a special service and a once off in relation to the regular maintenance schedule, it is primarily for changing the oil/oil filter as in the first few hundred miles while the engine is breaking-in there can be small bits of metal...
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    Best Gas Mileage.

    Broke 70 for the first time on my last refill, 74.6 mpg (US). Usually I drive with steep hills but this week I had 2 longer (about 90 miles total) flatter sections and that must have helped. Some amazing mpg numbers above.
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    Hello from Austin

    Hi from Hawaii. I still have the stock screen but am looking at a Skidmarx tall screen replacement (Honda NC700S 2012» - Tall Screen -) , which can be ordered through streetfighterbydesign in the US for $115
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    Hi, folks!

    Hi I am 5'11", I think a 32" inseam also (or very close) and 192 lbs. To me the bike is a good fit, though this is my first bike in 20+ and I didn't try others so can't give you a comparison. I ride about 22 miles * 2 each weekday and find it very comfortable. When stopped my fit adequately...