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    Lower side stand Endurance or KIJIMA?

    Lower side stand Endurance or KIJIMA? Motorcycle Parts & Accessories from Japan - Webike has both. Which one is better? What are the differences? Currently have Soupy's which I don't like due to the small foot that digs into stuff. I do like the adjustable Soupy's side stand. Can't seem to...
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    Source for NC700S side stand

    I lowered my NC700X and currently using soupy's side stand but don't like it. I don't want to modify my original stand. Would like to buy a NC700S side stand but I can't find one in the US. Anybody knows where I can buy one?
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    Rear Brake, my opinion why it is weak

    Here is my opinion with some history: I use to have a 09 ninja 250 which I traded in for my nc700x. On the ninja, I almost always used the front brake with little back brake but when I practice emergency stops sometimes I lock the rear brakes. Once I got use to the nc700x, I started...
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    Rear Brake Issue

    My rear brake does not seem to be working correctly. It seems I have to put way too much pressure on it to get it to slow down a little bit. It feels like the rear brake is drum brakes after going through a big puddle. It is no where close to how my ninja 09 250r felt. I tried a friends dr650...
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    Brake light modulator?

    Anybody found/install one yet? I really like the one I had for my Ninja 250R.