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    Fork stem bolt-What metric socket size?

    Hi, What metric socket must be used to remove the large fork stem bolt (26 in this diagram part number 90304-mcf-000) I think it is around 31mm but if someone could confirm this for me I...
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    Anyone moving on from a cbr250r?

    I'm part exchanging my CBR250R for a new NC750X (June delivery). I've not been able to test ride the NC yet and I'm worrying that I have not made the right choice. My main reasons for moving to the NC is that the riding position of the CBR is too "sporty" and a lot of my weight is on the...
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    Wrist pronation (twisting) and handlebar choice

    Just had a visit to a Hand therapist for treatment on my sore left wrist (just inflammation). Mentioned to her that I am changing my motorcycle for one with a more upright riding position. She mentioned trying to avoid wrist pronation (twisting) and allowing the wrist to have a more relaxed...
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    Which Center stand?

    I'm wondering if I should get a genuine Honda centre stand fitted when I buy my bike or buy one of these SW-MOTOTECH ones Rugged centerstand for Honda NC700X NC750X. and here NC700X centre stand | eBay and fit it myself. Is the MOTOTECH one better quality? Anyone fitted any of...
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    Width at handlebar and mirrors

    Hi, I need to find out the width of a NC750X across the handlebars and across the mirrors. The specs on Honda page states a width of 33 inches (840mm) for the bike. I'm trying to figure out if the bike will fit through a 3 foot gate width (standard UK residential front gate) where I live before...
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    Hello from London,UK

    Hi, Joined this forum to ask some questions before I part exchange my Honda CBR250R for a new NC750X. I'm hoping that the more upright handlebar position will suit me better and not hurt my (injured) left wrist as much. I also like the DCT transmission and above all the combination of a 750c...