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    Altrider skid plate

    Used Altrider skid plate. Bought this but never installed it as I found a brand new one. No dents but does show some scrapes along the sides from cornering. Scrapes are not deep into the aluminum. $180 shipped
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    Saddlemen seat for 2012-2015 nc700x

    Saddlemen seat kit that was professionally installed on stock seat pans. Like new. Just a few hours use. $200 shipped.
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    Altrider Skid Plates Available Again

    Just a heads up, when I went looking for a skid plate last year I really wanted an Altrider but found they had discontinued production of their NC700X skid plates a while ago. It looks like they have produced another run of them as I got an email from Revzilla. They appear to be on sale on the...
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    Kuryakyn Highway Pegs

    I have a set of Kuryakyn highway pegs for an NC700X. I know they will fit the 12-15 and I believe also the 16-18 as I believe the motor and frame are the same. These clamp onto the front frame down tubes and are adjustable to your preferred position. They were originally chrome but someone...
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    SW Motech Alu-Rack

    Fits the 2012-2015 NC700X. Rack is in excellent condition. Sells for approx $208 on Revzilla. $150 shipped. Revzilla link with more info. SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Luggage Rack Honda NC700X 2012-2015 - RevZilla
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    Corbin seat front/rear

    Withdrawn from sale.
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    Soupy's Adustable Lowering Links

    I have a pair of Soupys adjustable lowering links. These adjust from stock height to about 4 inches lower. I had them on the bike since earlier this year. Not a lot of miles. Easy to install. $70 shipped
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    Forks: Stock vs Cogent. WTH?

    I recently decided to sell my NC and as part of that process I have been returning it to mostly stock. When I first got the bike one the things I noticed was the extremely harsh fork action over sharp bumps. I had also noticed this when I test rode several different dealer demo bikes. I upgraded...
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    Questions Re: Selling My NC

    So I have my NC listed for sale here and in a couple other places. I don't expect it to sell this late in the riding season up here so I had planned on restoring it to mostly...
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    2012 nc700x dct abs - wisconsin

    2012 NC700X with the dual clutch trans and ABS. Bike has a little over 33k. Runs perfect. I've decided I want something smaller. Recent service for coolant change and valve adjustment. Newer chain and sprockets Saddleman replacement foam and cover on the stock seat pan. Ergo Throttle Tamer...
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    Fork Mod Question

    I'm working on some fork modifications. (Cartridge emulators). I am wondering if anyone has had the forks apart and either has a picture of the damper rods or knows what size and how many compression damping holes are in the rods. I've searched a couple threads so far but haven't come up with...