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    Rack, plate, guards, pegs

    ***Sold*** SW Motech Steel Rack. ***Note - does not include the rear seat bumpers GPT.08.162.006*** $90 + shipping (ships from 29501)
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    Battery box lid

    Has anyone come across a battery box lid “nut” that was stripped in the frunk? Meaning that the threads are fine, but the metal part turns in the plastic of the frunk/luggage box. This is the metal part into which the 5X15mm screws thread to attach the battery box cover/lid. I’d rather not run...
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    2012 NC700X electrical issue

    I cranked up the bike this morning, started immediately, rode ~10 miles and stalled at a traffic light. ( I think I stalled it, hadn’t had coffee yet — before 5:00 AM). When I tried to start it again, it behaved as if the battery was very low — barely turned over the engine before the starter...
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    150/70 gas mileage

    When I bought my 2012 700X, it had a 170/60 shinko street tire on the rear. I got mid to upper 60's mpg routinely. I put 705's on the bike, 150/70 on the rear and my mileage has dropped by~10 mpg. Has anyone else seen this kind of drop in mileage?