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    Fully-Farkled 2013 Honda NC700XD (SoCal) - SOLD

    Update 8/16/20 - SOLD to a local guy who had an NC w/ DCT in the past! Glad it went to someone who appreciated the bike. -------------------------------- Hi all, I need to sell my 2013 NC700XD due to a move. Before advertising it locally, I thought I should see if anyone on the forum was...
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    A useful first aid kit

    While looking at the commercial first aid kits online, I found they were cheap and completely useless for the types of injuries one would encounter at a motor vehicle accident scene. Since I'm no EMT, I started doing research and found some good info on what should really be in a useful first...
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    Corbin Seat

    SOLD I have a Corbin from my 2013 NC700 DCT for sale. I got a Russell Day Long so I don't need it any longer. It has a grey leather top with black vinyl sides. The top is worn, but not ripped. Asking $125 and I pick up the shipping w/in the US. In the interest of full disclosure, this...
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    How I fund my farkle addiction

    As we all know, adding farkles is a never ending process that can get costly. I thought I'd share how I've been funding my own addiction and even how I paid for my NC. I started using two apps on my phone, Digit and Acorns last year. Digit is a savings app and Acorns is an investing app...