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    Looking for 50/50 tyres with decent mileage for my NC750XD

    Hi - I've recently purchased a new NC 750XD in Mexico where I live but have a problem with the tyres. When I originally ordered the bike the showroom model was fitted with 50/50 tyres - Continental I think - but when I finally got my bike the agency gave me a different unit - all specs the same...
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    Finally got my 2020 NC 750XD (DCT ABS)

    Hi - I'm an expat Brit living in Mexico. The COVID-19 situation forced me into retirement at the end of March, 6 months earlier than I had planned and as a joint retirement and birthday present I purchased a 2020 NC 750XD (DCT ABS) from a Honda distributor in Mexico City. My plan is to use the...
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    Unsure about buying the NC750X, need advice.

    Hi - I'm an expat Brit living in Central Mexico. I recently took delivery of my NC 750x DCT ABS and I am overjoyed with it. I also own a BMW F800R and obviously there is no comparison between the two bikes but for my planned touring needs in and around North and South America the NC is the bees...
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    Which screen for a newbie?

    Hi - I recently purchased at 2020 model NC 750 X DCT with a plan for using it for long distance touring. I searched around a lot for a taller touring screen and have settled for one from based in Turkey. For around 89 USD plus shipping the price is considerably less than the...
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    New member welcome thread..

    New member from Mexico Hi, I'm Jim - an elderly but active expat Brit with Mexican nationality living close to Mexico City but working for an LA based importer and distributor of ceramic tiles, stone and glass coverings as their global quality manager. I travel all over world the world for...