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  1. Pianoman

    How to push the top box further back

    I felt the need to push the top box a little bit further back for two reasons: First: little space for pillion Second: the pillion seat wasn't able to open completely due to the use of a lower back cushion in the top case (bad planning by Honda!) So...the answer was to have a iron plate done...
  2. Pianoman

    Easy adjustment system for BRUUDT extenders

    I'm using this with a GIVI windscreen and BRUUDT extenders but it works with a different windscreen and other extenders: Curiosidades #08_EASY ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM FOR BRUUDT/GIVI WINDSCREEN - YouTube It's in portuguese but I think the video is self-explanatory.
  3. Pianoman

    Youtube Channel

    Hi all. I'm here to show you guys my new Youtube Channel. The previous one (with almost 3000 subscribers) got cancelled: YOUTUBE CHANNEL If you like anything, please subscribe. I need 100 subscribers to unlock some features. Many thanks in advance
  4. Pianoman

    Flashing gear indicator

    This morning when I tried to start the bike...nothing happened! Only at 3rd or 4th attempt it worked. The problem is that the gear number is always flashing, but the transmission behavior seems to be ok. Here's a video of what happened:
  5. Pianoman

    Manifold tube wrap

    Hi all, To "match" with my Black IXIL exhaust I wraped this strap around the manifold tube. Easy installation but be careful with the small metal "hairs" that comes out of the textile. It's bad for your health, I'm sure, and stick at your skin for a while...(use gloves and long...
  6. Pianoman

    SHAD seat installed

    Finally, the SHAD seat I ordered has arrived. Easy installation, just had a little bit of trouble exchanging the little rubbers from the OEM seat to the SHAD one. I already did a small trip (20km more or less) and the difference (for the better) is noticeable (the pillion seat wasn't...
  7. Pianoman

    Honda Top box 45L base mod

    Hi all Since I bought this top box that I feel something is not right. Firstly, with the application of the lower back rest, the rear seat wouldn't open properly, because the seat kept hitting the rest pad. Secondly, the passenger (my wife) was seated too close to me, because the top box was...
  8. Pianoman

    NC750XD with IXIL L3XB Hyperlow exhaust

    Hi all, Yesterday I installed a new exhaust on my bike. I'm very happy with the visual result, because that was my main purpose. This first days I'm riding without the DB killers just for fun, but I will put them later. Some photos: And a video to hear the sound...