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    Overpant Recommendation

    Just about any motorcycle pants can become overpants with just buying for about 2" more in waist or a little more if you have a thicker belt buckle. That's what I've been doing for about 7 years. Waterproof is nice so you don't have to worry about rain pants as long as you commute is not...
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    Replacement Battery

    Still on my first battery on my 2012 NC700x I bought new in 2012 and over 48,000 miles. I keep it on a trickle charger when not use for a few days or if it gets below 32F overnight.
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I would change to Heated grips (oxford) and Ski gloves or MSR Cold Pro gloves may work better. My record is 9F so far.
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Try replacing with full metal version so you don't have to deal with it again. Get a pair since the other one will probably got shortly.
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    Practicing Cornering at Speed

    Parking lot is only good for very slow speed turns and u turns. I find if you practice on the very tightest curves you can find over and over as fast as you are comfortable, the not so tight curves becomes so much easier. The tight curves should be a section of a few miles of road you do over...
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    Top speed frustration

    Make sure tire pressure is high enough, you are on a level road or going down hill, and tucking helps, along with no head wind. Leave it in 5th until you get close to red line. Mine will do 105mph on a level road. Bike is not nearly as fast as my '14 FJR.
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    Lowering Links.............

    I put a different number on each flat surface of the link on each side after I confirm what direction they will go on so numbers point the same way like 2 point toward ground on both links when installed also make sure you number them in the correct direction. Then from then on, both links have...
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    In need of new tires. Shinko 705s?

    Ditto for me on paved, gravel, and tar snakes. On second rear and first front. I have not pushed them hard on wet roads but harder than TKC80 on front which did slip on wet roads.
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    Anyone to the Blue Ridge Parkway?

    Did the whole parkway last year in May for my test run of going to California in June last year all on my nc700x. Live in east Asheville less than 5 miles away from it. I take it on my long way home from work many times, like today. Up part of town mnt rd, over to elk mnt to parkway and back...
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    Weird Fuel Consumption.

    Same experience for me but rarely I go into the 50s.
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    Anti Fog?

    liquid dish washing soap, the type you use for washing dishes by hand, works about the best but you do get some rainbow effects in bright light and have to reapply it every once it a while depending on how mush you use your helmet and how much humidity is around. Same idea as shaving cream.
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    Best Chain and sprocket to purchase ?

    I changed my oem chain and sprockets at 32K miles. Need to be changed at 29k when it started making noise and could not figure it out since the rear sprocket and chain seemed fine. Only had 8 teeth left on the front sprocket, missing every other tooth. I do run a tutor chain oilier since about...
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    What to look for when buying a used NC700X

    They are bullet proof. Got over 43,000 on mine. Look for chain kinks and sprocket wear. Ask if valve check been done. Ask if brake fluid or coolant been changed yet. if can't provide paper work for proof, change oil, brake fluid, and coolant after you buy it. Look for brake pad wear of...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Replace front TKC80 tire with 705 tire. Tkc80 lasted 5800 miles. Change front brake pads. Waited too long since 1/3 of pad on both sides gone. Noticed noise 2 days ago so quit using front brakes. 14,000 on front brakes. Still on original rear brake pads with bike over 43,000 miles. Ride...
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    I bent it!

    Did a search for the part number: This Honda 44650-MGS-306 WHEEL SUB-ASSY., FR. (COO) is used on these models and components: 2012 NC700XD AC FRONT WHEEL 2013 NC700X AC FRONT WHEEL 2013 NC700XD AC FRONT WHEEL 2014 CTX700 A FRONT WHEEL 2014 CTX700 AC FRONT WHEEL 2014 CTX700D A FRONT WHEEL 2014...
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    I bent it!

    I bet a lot of us would like to know 100% if a ctx700 rims will fix the nc700x.
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Replaced my air filter for first time today. 43k miles may have been a few miles past the "suggested" maintenance schedule. It was a "little" on the dirty side:
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    Suggestions for new tires?

    I scraped up my PR4 go up hill in gravel. Had lots of noticeable long scrapes some 1/2 way around the tire due to wheel spin.
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    Suggestions for new tires?

    Rear is $84.74 SHINKO 705 150/70R-17 M/C 69H, REAR Front is $73.99 SHINKO 705 120/70R-17 M/C 58H, FRONT