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  1. Pianoman

    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    @Naked_Duc, can you explain the wiring with some detail, please? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Pianoman

    Highest Mileage (not mpg)

    70.000 KM made two days ago. Portuguese NC! (sorry for the dust...)
  3. Pianoman

    NC750X (2017) LED lights are weak

    Do you recommend this one for the main front light? H4 LED Fanless Headlight Conversion Kit with Compact Heat Sink - 4,000 Lumens/Set | Super Bright LEDs Does it work well either in low beam and high beam? Thanks
  4. Pianoman

    adjustable windscreen

    You're right, although it's not that easy to steal it. Luckily, my bike is parked at safe places almost all the time.
  5. Pianoman

    adjustable windscreen

    This is what I did with my BRUUDT adjusters: Curiosidades #08_EASY ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM FOR BRUUDT/GIVI WINDSCREEN - YouTube
  6. Pianoman

    How to push the top box further back

    I felt the need to push the top box a little bit further back for two reasons: First: little space for pillion Second: the pillion seat wasn't able to open completely due to the use of a lower back cushion in the top case (bad planning by Honda!) So...the answer was to have a iron plate done...
  7. Pianoman

    Easy adjustment system for BRUUDT extenders

    I'm using this with a GIVI windscreen and BRUUDT extenders but it works with a different windscreen and other extenders: Curiosidades #08_EASY ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM FOR BRUUDT/GIVI WINDSCREEN - YouTube It's in portuguese but I think the video is self-explanatory.
  8. Pianoman

    Youtube Channel

    I thought I did my presentation when I got to this forum. I'm here since 2014...
  9. Pianoman

    Youtube Channel

    Hi all. I'm here to show you guys my new Youtube Channel. The previous one (with almost 3000 subscribers) got cancelled: YOUTUBE CHANNEL If you like anything, please subscribe. I need 100 subscribers to unlock some features. Many thanks in advance
  10. Pianoman

    Help me... for I am an idiot

    Why is that? Is there a logical reason for that?
  11. Pianoman

    Help me... for I am an idiot

    And what about the H.I.S.S. system? The NC has no H.I.S.S. system in the USA?
  12. Pianoman

    12 in. Tool Bag

    Sadly, there's no shipping to Portugal...
  13. Pianoman

    Is two up really that bad?

    Just the Honda, I believe, because of the fixed base plate that it uses and the specific passenger handles. I also have the lower back rest that increases the problem (and also interferes with the passenger's seat opening). - problem also resolved.
  14. Pianoman

    Is two up really that bad?

    I sometimes ride with two up and our combined weight is around 200kg (440lb ?). It's not great, you have to be more careful with breaking and leaning but it can be a great time for us. But... not with the stock seat. My wife always complained about the stock seat and I had to buy a different one...
  15. Pianoman

    Flashing gear indicator

    I measured the battery voltage today: Ignition off: 12,80V Engine working: 14,40V Looks normal, right?
  16. Pianoman

    Flashing gear indicator

    My case was the opposite. I rode my bike for the last time on a saturday and place it to rest on my garage on neutral (I always do this). There it stayed left alone for 2 days (Sunday and Monday) and only rode it today (Tuesday).
  17. Pianoman

    Flashing gear indicator

    This morning when I tried to start the bike...nothing happened! Only at 3rd or 4th attempt it worked. The problem is that the gear number is always flashing, but the transmission behavior seems to be ok. Here's a video of what happened:
  18. Pianoman

    Tutoro Oiler

    Is this Loobman oiler a good solution for my NC750XD? Thanks.
  19. Pianoman

    Honda Top Box LED lights

    Which connector do you recommend to connect the top box with the support plate? I was thinking something like this, but "home made": Givi E92 Brake Light Stop Kit for E460 Top Boxs | eBay
  20. Pianoman

    Adding Aux Front light (pictures)

    [URL=] I have these headlights installed and today, for the third time, one of the lights broke again. It started getting weaker and weaker and, in 10 seconds, the light came almost to zero (it has a light but very weak). The right...