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    the dunlop tyre story

    got a call from my dealer this afternoon,the main importer will refund me the money I had to pay for my new pilotroad 4. the worn out tyre (2200km) will be sent to honda in japan for further investigation.(they asked for it)
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    My mods sofar

    Got the hugger at the dealer,it has a name :Pyramid,who makes it I dont know,tought it was honda. will get new tyers from the dealer,but also bought my own as I could not risk that he would not support my case,they never seen such a wear in 2200km on any bike honda/bmw/suzuki dealer. payed...
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    My mods sofar

    Rox 2" risers,honda panniers no top box,puig smoke windscreen,sliders,upper and lower wind deflectors,touratech lockable gps holder,touratech luggage rack in back,honda original hugger,puig brake and clutch foldable levers,shad seat coming next week. scorpion slip on only complaint I have is...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    I bought the same for my 750x Iam 5.7 with the screen in highest position absolutely no turbulens,I like it
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    NC750X Tyre Wear

    Hello my first post on the forum,I have the same problem with the dunlop tiers 1200km and more than half the treads gone I think I will go with tourance or anakee the new tourance is more road biased than the old one the michelin anakee is a very good tire in the wet my experience is that the...