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    NC750X Tyre Wear

    Just clicked over 2000 miles on my 750x DCT and whilst cleaning at the weekend I checked the tyres - surprisingly both the front and rear are down to under 3mm. Tyres are the standard fitment Dunlop Trailmax's. Pressures are spot on... I reckon before 4000 miles they will be ilegal - seems a...
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    Anyone on the forum parking at Plantation Place London?

    Hi - just wondered if anyone on the forum parks their Red NC700 in Plantation Place (where I work) in London? Seen it a few times - not for a while, but it's back today - Say Hi if it's you! Cheers, Mike.
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    NC750X DCT K&N Air Filter

    Fitted K&N Air Filter to the 750 yesterday - first ride in this morning and have to say I am really quite surprise at the result - throttle response is noticeably better, especially in 6th gear ..... I spend a fair bit of time on my commute on fastish hilly motorway sections and it now pulls in...
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    NC750X DCT Touiring Screen

    Just ordered a Puig Screen in Light Smoke - hoping it will arrive for the weekend..... Cheers, Mike.
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    NC750 Valve Inspection Intervals

    Folks - I would be interested in knowing what your dealer says is the valve inspection interval when you are sold an NC750. I know what it says in the service manual (and I know what the official intervals are as stated by honda) but would like to know what you are told when you buy a bike :)...
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    NC750X DCT Rear Hugger

    Just ordered a rear hugger by Pyramid Plastics - will publish pics once fitted. Bike is just soooo perfect it doesn't need any other modifications;) OK - I have Oxford heated grips - but I see them as more of a necessity than a mod!