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  1. Del Mar

    Michigan Station, Detroit

    BBC News - Michigan Central Station: The story of its rise, fall and... Found this article on the BBC website just now. I find the history of the rise and fall of Detroit's fortune fascinating.
  2. Del Mar

    NC750X for the USA?

    Not seen anything written on the subject lately - are you guys in N America getting the 750 next year?
  3. Del Mar


    Besides bikes, love my cars too (and the Mrs and kids of course!) ;) My other passion is taking my 'nearly classic' BMW E39 5 Series to the Nurburgring. Here's a couple of pro pics from last year - next visit is in a couple of weeks, going out on 26 June.
  4. Del Mar

    Florida Mall - 2013

    Had to take a pic of this - saw it in the car park of the Florida Mall, off the I4, last year. A bit over the top, those wheels, don't you think?! I like big wheels as much as the next guy but, dunno.....
  5. Del Mar

    Crystal Palace - Motorsport in the Park - May 2013

    Seeing as the car pics were well received, here are a few more which I took last year at Crystal Palace. Again, an American theme.
  6. Del Mar

    Bromley (UK) Classic and Modern Classic Event - 08 June 2014

    Can we show cars on this forum?? Here's one for all you guys and gals Stateside - the American car scene is big in the UK and here's a small selection of my fotos of the US entries this year at the world's "largest one day classic car show" last Sunday. A great day out - cars, bikes and...
  7. Del Mar

    Another Ride Today

    Another unseasonably glorious day for mid March today - wall to wall sun and a pleasant 19deg C. Only one thing for it - get out on the NC. Apart from my bikes, my other favourite thing is my 'nearly classic' Beemer - a 1999 E39 5 Series with factory M Tech sport pack (suspension...
  8. Del Mar

    Turned 300 Miles Today

    Having been busy with work and family stuff lately, today I had to ride - well, with 19deg C and clear blue skies in mid March it would be rude not to! I've been doing my best not to exceed 3-4000 RPM up to now, but having gone past the 300 mile mark today I'll be upping it to 5K until the...
  9. Del Mar

    Protecting the Tank, erm, Frunk...

    Added these this morning - Honda tank pad and three carbon effect strips either side where the side of my knees contact when riding. Cosmetic as much as practical I'll admit. Looks pretty good and goes with the black and white theme.
  10. Del Mar

    Ride Out Today - Sunday 09 March

    Perfect riding weather over here today - blue skies all day with a very reasonable temp of around 18 degrees C this afternoon. Managed to squeeze in around 100 miles - just lovin' this bike more each time I jump on it and despite running in and keeping the revs to no more than 3500-4000 it...
  11. Del Mar

    Keeping the Exhaust Downpipe Looking Good

    Is there any way of protecting the condition of the exhaust downpipe from getting rusty and looking plain daggy? Several used NCs I've seen had really rough looking downpipes, not helped by all the spray and crud that goes straight through the cowl gap from the front wheel. I use ACF-50...
  12. Del Mar

    Rider's Seat and Belly Pan Removal

    Two questions if I may.... 1. To remove the rider's seat, I assume that the two bolts at the rear outer edge are removed and it will slide or lift out? 2. To remove the belly pan, again it looks like it's just secured by one bolt either side and it then pulls away from several rubber...
  13. Del Mar

    New 750X in the UK

    Hi all - took delivery of my new 750X yesterday morning.
  14. Del Mar

    Pic Upload Test

    Spotted in Florida on Hwy 27