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  1. denete

    SOLD - Barkbusters, AltRider Radiator Guard and Pyramid Fender Extender (package deal) $190

    I'm selling an AltRider Radiator Guard and Pyramid Fender Extender, a great combo to protect that delicate (and expensive) radiator. These have never been installed. There were no instructions with the fender extender, but the radiator guard has complete instructions and installation hardware...
  2. denete

    SOLD - Dale's Rack

    These are the three nuts that are used to mount the rack to the pillion hinge. Yes, those are my spare keys (ignition, panniers, and big cable lock) in yellow heat-shrink tubing. If you know how to do it, you can unlatch the pillion through the fuel opening, so that's where I hid them (hooked...
  3. denete

    SOLD - Barkbusters VPS Handguards

    I'm selling my Barkbusters VPS Handguards. These worked great for keeping the wind off my hands (the VPS can be made taller or shorter to block more / less wind). Price reference: Barkbusters VPS...
  4. denete

    SOLD - Dale's Rack

    I'm selling my "Dale's Rack". Of all the accessories that I have had on my NC700X, this is by far my most favorite of all. It is perfect. I used it many times for being able to travel with a dry-bag strapped on top...and still be able to get to my gas filler. An amazing piece of hardware. Price...
  5. denete

    SOLD - Knight Design Foot Pegs

    I'm selling my Knight Design foot pegs (Hunter tread, 1-1/4 Inch lowered, wide front). These have been great for me and are much more comfortable than the stock foot pegs. Wear and tear is normal anodizing wear at edges and one corner that was scuffed when I dragged a peg once. Current price...
  6. denete

    SOLD - Madstad 22" windscreen (NC700X 2012 - 2015)

    I'm selling my 22" Madstad windscreen. This is a game-changer if you enjoy riding your 2012-2015 NC700X at speed without wind on your helmet. This has mounting holes for the MRA X-creen below which can be purchased optionally (prices below). The Madstad was purchased before they began frosting...
  7. denete

    Rear seat removal

    I'm having the same issue right now (literally, I'm working on it now) with removing my 2014 pillion. The first nut came off without issue. The bolts for the other two are turning with the nut. :(
  8. denete

    Creating a dedicated key for the storage compartment

    Here are the sources for my frunk key build. Key blanks, 5 blanks for $8: Knob selection (because I like having choices): - David
  9. denete

    Online Source for Key Blanks HD109's for $0.95

    From: Honda HD109A (CBR954RR / CBR1000RR) Motorcycle Key (JET) "So here's the story. Honda started using a key everyone called the HD109 a long time ago. Jet came along and decided to call it an HD114. Or maybe they called it that first. Whatever, everyone calls it the HD109. Then Honda starts...
  10. denete

    WTB: Dale's rear rack with fuel cutout

    I'm looking to buy one of Dale's rear racks with the fuel cutout. - David
  11. denete

    Aux lights best price/performance?

    The Photon Blasters are always on. The flood lights are on when I really need to see the full picture at night, or need to ensure that I am more visible to others. Using the mounting position that I've chosen helps to get the most distance between the lights and open up "the triangle" as much as...
  12. denete

    Aux lights best price/performance?

    I'm running these fog lights. At $50 each, they are giving me a great bang for the buck. LED Fog Light - 3" Square - 25W | Auxiliary Driving Lights | LED Daytime Running Lights | LED Car Light Bulbs | Super Bright LEDs
  13. denete

    Mounting GoPro cam to MadStad brackets?

    Just put a flat adhesive mount on the windscreen itself.
  14. denete

    camp and ride

    I'd be interested in the Fall (all booked up through summer).
  15. denete

    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Morning ride with my wife for breakfast. Grip puppies installed this afternoon (
  16. denete

    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Last week: Yoshimura R77 (Yoshimura R77 Street Slip-On Exhaust Honda NC700X 2012-2015 - RevZilla) Tuesday: Knight Design footpegs (Knight Design Honda NC700X Wide Foot Pegs) Today: MRA X-creen (
  17. denete

    First impressions: new Madstad 20" windshield

    Not to be outdone, I just put an MRA X-creen Touring on my 22" Madstad. I have achieved maximum windscreenage.
  18. denete

    New member welcome thread..

    I've been on this site since buying my NC700XD last summer, but never stopped by to introduce myself. I live in an Atlanta suburb and am primarily a commuter rider. But, I've been farkling the crap out of my NC. I'll try to post more farkling adventures to "give back" a little to the forums...
  19. denete

    First impressions: new Madstad 20" windshield

    I'm 6'1" with a 22" Madstad. The only buffeting that I get is from me leaving my visor on my helmet open. It just happens to catch some of the airflow and bounce my head a little.
  20. denete

    How tight on these Madstad windshield Phillips truss screws?

    Looks like I'm ordering new rubber well nuts thanks to me not reading the directions clearly. :|