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  1. mtiberio

    OEM windshield wanted

    If you replaced yours and have one sitting on the shelf gathering dust, I'm interested. Mike
  2. mtiberio

    Sold bike, ton of farkles for sale

    See the "Pirelli MT60's for sale" thread for details...
  3. mtiberio

    Pirelli MT60's for sale

    TIRES SOLD Brand new. I bought them and then sold my bike before mounting. Cost me $400, will take $150 plus $25 shipping to the lower 48 states (USA). These are the best handling dual surface tires you will find. My first set lasted 6000 miles and felt sticky. New Pair Pirelli MT60 SuperMoto...
  4. mtiberio

    No start, bad button?

    Bike would not start the other day, thinking the battery was flat, I put the charger on it. Later it started, so I said, ok, I just left the key on (I do use the side stand as a kill switch often). Yesterday, it wouldn't start again, and the battery was at 12.5 volts. Out comes the manual and...
  5. mtiberio

    MT60rs vs K73

    I had a set of $400 Pirelli MT60's on my NC for 5800 miles, and they were great. Being curious, I decided to try a set of Heidenau K73's. Got a pair for about $300. Called a super rain, the blocks are smaller than the MT60's. More importantly, they are bias ply vs radial for the Pirelli. While I...
  6. mtiberio

    Pirelli MT60 or Heidenau K73

    One radial, one bias ply. I have had the radial Pirellis on my bike for over 3500 miles, and I'm happy with them, but they are getting down there on tread. Just wondering if I'd like the Heidenau's, they are a little cheaper. Anyone try both? m
  7. mtiberio

    high piched whine from the fuel pump

    Replace it now before it fails?
  8. mtiberio

    rolling friction key off

    Had my bike for over a year, and 7000 miles, and still learning things... I always turn my bike off by kicking the side stand down. Then I push the bike into the garage. When I leave the house, I push it backwards into the drive way, and do a "Y" turn to get it pointed in the right direction...
  9. mtiberio

    Pirelli MT60RS

    Always wanted a set. Decided to splurge. Of all the online vendors, only Revzilla listed both an H rated version and a V rated version. For the NC700X, no more than the H rated version is necessary, and it was about $25 cheaper. Just an FYI for y'all
  10. mtiberio

    owned 9 months and I just learned

    That the down shift thumb button works in automatic D mode... And yes it forced a downshift... I had assumed it only worked in MT mode... WTF? Why is it I never heard that here?
  11. mtiberio

    Givi E22N tips

    Got mine the other day together with all the brackets from revzilla. less than $500 for the lot. a couple of things. 1) the bag brackets themselves can be bolted to the inside of the smaller brackets that hang off the grab rail bolts. This pulls the bags in 1/4" each side. The instructions...
  12. mtiberio

    off-road tire more agressive than Shinko 705

    Was wondering what folks have tried for off road riding that is more agressive than the shinko 705? Heidenau? Conti TKC80? Kenda or Duro? Cost not really an issue, neither is endurance
  13. mtiberio

    my take on the frunk knob

    back in the early 80's, many italian bikes came with folding keys. the teeth part of the key would fold into a slot in the knob portion. The knob usually had on, off, etc cast into the plastic. I had an old key for a bike long gone, and I decided to mod a duplicate key (ILCO HD109 blank) to fit...
  14. mtiberio

    front brakeline too tight with Rox Risers w/ABS

    I don't know what it would be like without ABS, but on my ABS bike, the front brake line wraps in front of the upper triple clamp, and then disapears under the frunk. If you install Rox Risers, you may notice that the brake line is tight when you turn the bars to full left lock. Un-sat in my...
  15. mtiberio

    move foot brake to left hand

    Have a buddy that has a DCT, and he is handicapped. Could really use an integrated brake that he can operate with a hand. Should we swap foot and hand brakes, or move the foot brake to the left side of the bar (like a scooter). Any weirdness with the ABS box we should know about?
  16. mtiberio

    whats your worst fuel consumption

    Yes we have all had about 70 MPG at some point or another, but the other day I spent the better part of a tank running at 85 to 95 MPH, and my mileage dropped into the 50's. Anyone have similar experiences?
  17. mtiberio

    mini-boards as highway "pegs"

    Puig crash bar with a mash up of Kuryakyn parts. Geometry closely mimics my two Guzzi tourers with floorboards. Boards could stand to be a bit further back and a bit more inboard, but this is workable...
  18. mtiberio

    Barkbusters, dual or single mount w/DCT

    Want Barkbusters before the winter, and see they have a number of options. Is the single ended mount enough, and/or does the dual mount work with the long reach past the parking brake lever on the DCT. Also, which model gives the best weather protection?
  19. mtiberio

    stranger blips throttle

    So I'm parked, perpendicular to the curb, and facing out into the street. I have the bike running. A fellow come up and begins to chat up the NC700X. He knew a bit, and we have a pleasent conversation. Then he decided to blip my throttle. I tell him, "It is a good thing I'm not in gear or I'd be...
  20. mtiberio

    seat slope fix issue, squeak not click

    was pumping my suspension up and down and thought I heard a click, so I investigated it more once I got to the garage... discovered that I had a squeak (not a click) coming from the front end of the bike when I pumped both front and back up and down together. pump the front only, no squeak...