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    Chain and sprocket question..

    The OE chain on mine needed replaced at 14000km, I replaced it and the sprockets and got 35000km out of the next one. When they were replaced the sprockets were in a better condition than the originals were after the 14000k. I'd change both chain and sprockets.
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    Easy fork seal leak fix.

    Just make sure that you leave no sharp edges on the tool.
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    choosing a new motorcycle is miserable!

    I have 750X for 3 years, have done 50k KM and it has never missed a beat. When I tour, France, Belgium and Ireland, I ride with 1200 gs's, and an FJR1300. The bike has no problem running all day with these machines and does so using a lot less fuel. The bike averages between 75 and 80 MPG that...
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    Ignition switch

    Hello all Has anyone had any experience of changing out the ignition switch on an NC X?
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    Overpant Recommendation

    I know it's off topic but What bloody height are you? The bike looks tiny
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    Spare Fuel

    Has anyone fitted a tooltube with Givi racks and the E35 cases?
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    Hello from Ireland

    Hello all. I have owned my 2015 NC750X from almost 11 months now and have been a member of the UK NC forum for most of that time. Apologies for not dropping in here sooner. I hope that I can contribute to the website as well benefit from the site. I have been a contributor to many motorcycle...