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  1. Taipan

    NGK IFR6G-11K spark plugs x 2

    Sold my bike before I got round to fitting these. They're on eBay so you can use paypal etc. £20 + £2.50 P&P (UK only) NGK IFR6G-11K spark plugs x 2 5054716374271 | eBay
  2. Taipan

    Bike holding too high idle speed (2k)?

    Last week after riding home from work, I stopped at a junction and the bike was pulling forward, like I was holding the throttle partly open? It wasn't a struggle and the brakes easily held it, but I could feel the bike pulling forward? I pulled into a garage to get petrol and as I stopped at...
  3. Taipan

    16k service completed. Nice easy bike to work on!

    Fitted a new K&N air filter and changed the oil and filter the other weekend. This past weekend I checked and adjusted the valve clearances and changed the brake fluid, which really need doing and i was surprised at the colour of it given the bike is only 2.5 years old? I also have a much firmer...
  4. Taipan

    Brake fluid change

    Hi All, My 750X has just clicked past 16k and I want to change the brake fluid. My bike doesn't have the linked brakes, but it is of course still ABS. Is it still a straightforward job of filling and pumping through fresh fluid on an ABS bike, or are there any complications caused by the ABS...
  5. Taipan

    Are there differences between the 2014-15 and 2016 end can figments?

    Hi All, I've seen a mint condition, second hand FUEL end can for sale. The guy says it was on his later 2016 model NC750X but it may fit earlier models? Does anyone know if it will definitely fit my 2014 NC750? Many thanks
  6. Taipan


    Hi All, Just picked up a NC750X DCT. I've been intrigued by these DCT gearboxes since their launch and am pleased to have finally got one. Thought I'd join up and find out some more about them. See you on th forums! :D